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Conditorei Péclard im Schober A bakery café like in the old days

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Opening Times

Monday till Wednesday 8:00-19:00
Thursday till Saturday 8:00-23:00
Sunday & public holidays 9:00-19:00

Address Conditorei Schober Péclard Zürich
Napfgasse 4
8001 Zurich-District 1
How to get there
+41 44 251 51 50

The bakery café Péclard im Schober, under Michel Péclard since 2009, has always been one of the most loved treasures Zurich has to offer. Generations remember how they came here with their parents and grandparents, certainly not every day, but at least once during the festive season to enjoy the specialties of the house pastries and cakes, tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The institution still remains. Devotees also. And in the meantime curious visitors are instantly carried away by its charm.

The history of the Patisserie goes back to the opening of Eberle's Süsskramladen in 1842, which was taken over a good 30 years later by Theodor Schober Sr. The neo-baroque furnishings, which still adorn the unique storefront, date from this period. In 1909 his son took over the business, continued running it successfully and with reluctance from his father, bought an extravagantly expensive cash register. Schober Sr. believed this would lead to ruin and refused to enter the store for half a year. This antique item is still there today and, even now, fully functional.

Style: 'Porcelain pastel'

Not only the inventory and anecdotes have been preserved, but fortunately also the enticing sweets, fruit preserves, chocolates, prussians, meringues, Hüppen and last but not least the wedding cakes. A variety of souvenirs and gifts are also available in store, and especially nice is the packaging. No wonder Schober was just recently listed under "the 25 bakeries around the world you have to see before you die". Another piece of advice: go during the year and don’t wait until Christmas, where the café’s three levels are bursting at the seams.

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Conditorei Péclard im Schober – A bakery café like in the old days
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