Black Apron Top of the Cruffin

Sunday, October 31 2021

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Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday + Sunday: 9:00am 6:00pm


Black Apron
Invalidenstraße 1
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 914 694 49

Cruff - What? During our visit to Black Apron we were allowed to try it, the cruffin. The neologism is made up of the words croissant and muffin, and just as delicious as that combination sounds, it tastes.

Not entirely surprisingly, perhaps, many of the tempting pastries at Black Apron were created after a trip to New York for inspiration. The café in Mitte district is synonymous with the finest baked goods based on the U.S. model. To this end, owner Özlem Sögüt and patissier Norbert feasted with a few employees on an extensive coffee and food tour through New York's hottest stores in five days.  

Of course, Black Apron doesn't just copy. The homemade treats are developed as a team. "We work full of passion. It's more than just a job," Norbert reveals. The passionate baker appreciates the fact that he can let off steam creatively at Black Apron. He focuses less on delicate decor and more on taste and texture - and really good ingredients.

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Black Apron Berlin
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That goes for the coffee, too: The beans all come from the Codos roastery - after all, the Hamburg Codos and Black Apron are affiliated. The selection of cruffins, wonderful cakes, and savory snacks changes regularly but undogmatically. Some favorites, like the fantastic cheesecake (which made it into our top 10) or the brilliant cheesecake brownie, always remain on offer. 

All delicacies are lovingly made with the best ingredients and convince in their simplicity - no frills are needed. Just skilled craftsmanship, creativity and high-quality ingredients. This goes so far that Black Apron is the only store in Berlin that uses fine Issigny butter. Only the best for the cruffins, or as Pastry Chef Norbert says, "You're not here to count calories!"

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