Café Fuchs Curtis Where one lingers so beautifully and a fox can be seen

Wednesday, November 17 2021

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm


Café Fuchs Curtis
Curtiusstraße 27
12205 Berlin-Lichterfelde
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+49 30 984 489 97

We do not want to lie: Lichterfelde West is not exactly considered a culinary mecca. It was precisely this fact which prompted the team around the cute Café Fuchs Curtis to realize their vision of a beautiful café in the small corner store. It has become a place to linger. With a clear culinary edge.

At Café Fuchs Curtis, no one is dictated to snack on breakfast before noon and cake in the afternoon, so there's cake, breakfast and changing savory dishes all day long, like Fusslig with tomato sugo or lasagna with buffalo mince from Brandenburg. Always in excellent quality, from organic products and prepared on site with much love.

While we're on the subject: A lot of love goes into the corner café; looking into the small open kitchen behind the ordering counter, you can feel the good mood in the team. That was part of the concept right from the start: "We need a nice café here, with a nice outdoor area," Masuda Becker said when she saw the store.

Wildplatte Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde
Stulle mit Avokado und Lachs Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde
Familiy Table Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde
Terrasse Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde (1)
Masuda Becker Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde
Banoffee Pie Cafe Fuchs Curtis Berlin Lichterfelde

The thought stayed in her head until she finally called business partner Basti, who, unlike her, comes from the restaurant business. At the same time, things at Café Fuchs Curtis are definitely a bit different than in other cafés. The focus lies on "good food" that nourishes the body, from sustainable cultivation and livestock species-appropriate conditions. Whether honey, eggs, meat or tea; the sources of supply are small independent producers and are openly communicated.

The wonderful wild boar salami on our lovingly arranged game platter, for example, comes from Richards Wild from the Schorfheide. The salmon on the crispy and sumptuously presented sandwich is pickled by Olaf the fisherman from Brandenburg especially for Café Fuchs Curtis - a real treat for the palate! The fragrant bread comes from Alex Landbrot directly from the neighborhood. He bakes it over fire - with lots of love, of course. 

The various delicacies in the showcase are just as lovingly prepared and topped on site. Bagels and wraps sound just as delicious as granola, muesli and the tempting cakes and pies. Each of them is baked on site according to beloved house recipes, because Café Fuchs Curtis relies on traditionally proven forms of processing. That's why, for example, they ferment the cakes themselves on site. 

You can spend a few hours here. Especially when the lush green terrace beckons you outside in the warmer months. By the way, for the Banoffee Pie alone, you can confidently make your way to Lichterfelde West. Especially if you enjoy it with many loved ones at the large family table, which looks as if it were in an enchanted garden. And who knows, maybe regular guest and namesake fox Curtis will come by and say "hello". 

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Café Fuchs Curtis – Where one lingers so beautifully and a fox can be seen
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