21 gramm Unwinding inside a former chapel

Tuesday, May 24 2022

Opening Times

Wednesday to Sunday: 9:30am - 5:00pm


21 gramm
Hermannstraße 179
12049 Berlin-Neukölln
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+49 30 767 958 10

An experiment from 1907 says that a person loses an average of 21 grams of weight when they die - supposedly the soul's weight. Now, the 21 gramm in Berlin Neukölln is undoubtedly not a place where you would lose any weight. Instead, the soul gets a little fuller at this charming place. 

And yet the name is quite apt, because at least the café's interior is pretty close to death: 21 gramm is located inside a former chapel at St. Thomas cemetery, which makes for a particularly engaging ambience - both inside and outside.

Inside, not only the bright columns and the enchanting vault were allowed to remain, but also the comforting Bible verses are still visible on the walls of the former chapel, which now houses both the guest room and the bar - an absolute gem of a restaurant. The same applies to the beautiful courtyard, which, thanks to the brick arcade and vineyard, offers plenty of sunny and shady spots in summer, while fairy lights and lush greenery add to the peaceful atmosphere.

Of course, the kitchen and bar ensure that you don't leave 21 gramm any lighter than when you entered. While the latter offers excellent coffee and a fine selection of wines and popular drinks, the kitchen has created a small brunch menu with unusual but tasty dishes.

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Pancake mit Rhababer 21 gramm Neukoelln
Stulle 21 gramm Berlin Neukoelln

We enjoy buttermilk pancakes with rhubarb, whipped cream cheese and pistachio quinoa crunch. Add sumac tahini, beluga lentils, chard and poached egg sourdough sandwich - both unusual and delicious. You don't necessarily expect that at brunch. If you prefer something more classic, you can order scrambled eggs or croissants with jam.

A Bloody Mary goes very well with this, of course, or a Bellini. And at a later hour, you can swap it for a glass of Côte du Rhône from the Domaine du Crève Coeur or, why not, a Negroni and talk about God and the world. After all, where better to unwind than here?

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21 gramm – Unwinding inside a former chapel
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