Konditorei Buchwald Pyramid Cakes like Marzipan since 1852

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Daily: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Konditorei Buchwald
Bartningallee 29
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten
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+49 30 391 59 31

Entering Konditorei Buchwald on a sunny day in Tiergarten, I feel like I’ve been sent back in time. I can already see happy faces on the terrace vis-à-vis the Spree. Inside, it smells like butter creme and freshly brewed coffee.

Traditionally draped curtains adorn the windows, art nouveau hangings line the walls. Chairs sit in an orderly arrangement around well-to-do tables, waiting for teatime. Photographs and certificates serve as a reminder of the building’s 165 years of history, and a grandfather clock tells the time, though here it seems to stand still.

Everything at Konditorei Buchwald is good old coffee klatsch. Like the traditionally prepared cakes in the tightly filled display cases, and naturally the alluring pyramid cakes, which the confectionary has been known for even beyond the city limits for over a hundred years.

Everything began in 1852 with Gustav Buchwald Sr. in Cottbus. His son, Gustav Buchwald Jr., explored Berlin markets around the capital and opened a second branch in 1900 at Brückenallee 29 in Tiergarten, which shortly thereafter became the headquarters.

Café Konditorei Buchwald Tiergarten 4 ©monkimia
Café Konditorei Buchwald Tiergarten 2 ©monkimia
Café Konditorei Buchwald Tiergarten 3 ©monkimia

Today Brückenallee goes by the name of Bartningallee, but the store is still in the same place, home to Konditorei Buchwald. Former bookkeeper Käthe Dieliz, grandmother of the current owner Andrea Tönges, took over the store during the war.

She stayed involved in the store alongside her daughter until the age of 80. Two years ago, Andrea Tönges in turn took over for her mother as the 5th generation of the former purveyor to the court, Buchwald, which has delighted so many with its pyramid cakes. The cakes, still prepared in the confectionary’s own bakery, melt on the tongue like marzipan. Rich in fine almond, the "King of Cakes" at Buchwald can’t be beat.

In order to make the traditional pyramid cake baking more accessible, once a month they hold a baking show where guests can watch the elaborate creation process, including how the cakes are perfected in the end with a little apricot marmalade and a touch of sugar glazing or dark couverture.

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