Mars Silent Green Green Brunch in Wedding

Wednesday, June 08 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: noon - 9:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 9:30pm


MARS Silent Green
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin-Wedding
.How to get there


030 / 120 822 131

Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of unusual locations. On our constant journey through the city's gastronomy, we come across unique venues every now and then: Prisons, former Stasi archives or chapels. Mars Silent Green and its event rooms also transform a place of unsightly origin into an exceptional location.

The modern café is located in a former crematorium from the beginning of the 20th century, whose large building complex was transformed into a cultural quarter with the Silent Green project using Berlin creativity. Entering the complex from Gerichtstraße, you first encounter little Mars, a snack deli offering light lunch and daytime snacks such as panini, focaccia, cakes and ice cream. From this little house in front, you can glimpse the impressive main building through the gate, which also houses Mars Silent Green.

Anyone who thinks of a crematorium as an unfriendly, gloomy place is mistaken. The historic building and its very green grounds alone are worth a visit. A path leads across a meadow towards the main building and its domed hall, the giant concert and event space. I was allowed to get to know it some time ago and was thrilled. Attached to it is the "Betonhalle", a vaulted cellar that is also used as an exhibition space - from 9 June, there will be an exhibition here about the late Belgian filmmaker Agnès Varda.


If you turn left in front of the courtyard of the main building, you will come to Mars Silent Green. Its lofty interior exudes coolness and warmth at the same time. Lured by the sun's rays and the lush green trees, we prefer to enjoy our extensive brunch on the beautiful terrace.

It starts with Strammer Max waffles. A hearty waffle based on the chicken waffle concept with avocado cream, fried egg and wild herb salad, the latter from the roof garden. Green, fresh and spicy is this delicious creation, to which we don't even need the optional cooked ham. Like all the meats at Mars, the ham is merely an option; the basic orientation of the menu is vegetarian-vegan.

As far as ingredients are concerned, organic, fairly produced and regional goods are purchased whenever possible, at least within a framework that makes it possible to pay attention to quality and at the same time leave the prices accessible to the Wedding Kiez. In addition, the event catering is completely certified organic.

The green breakfast is oriental with hummus and chickpeas in tahini yoghurt, served in a bowl of crispy pita bread. The falafel are among the best I've ever had - and I'm very picky about that. A brunch must-have follows: a buttery 68° egg on a rosemary waffle with spinach salad and béarnaise sauce. At this point, we do deviate a little from the vegetarian direction and enjoy delicious pickled Ikarimi salmon with it. The salmon is also part of our highlight: the aromatic richness of the rolled pancake with hoi sin sauce and lime salmon excites us.

During the week, Mars Silent Green is open for lunch, coffee and cake, and dinner snacks and drinks. At weekends, the extensive brunch from 10:00am to 3:00pm attracts guests to the green terrace, which nestles against the cemetery next to the complex. Thanks to its dense but well-tended greenery, it shields you from the hustle and bustle of the city. Between the tall crematorium building and the trees, you can enjoy a pleasant rest. And this is sometimes just as necessary as a delicious and extensive brunch.

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