3-course Sunday brunch A joyful start of the day at Cookies & Co

Tuesday, February 22 2022

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Cookies & Co
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How do you like your Sunday brunch? A mixed hot-cold buffet, All-You-Can-Eat, perhaps? Should it be German style, with bread and cheese, or rather fruit and vegetables? But how about finely arranged plate dishes? As we all know, we like things a little more unusual at Creme Guides. So the invitation to a three-course brunch menu at Cookies & Co came at just the right time. Why not start the day with refined dishes?

The brunch menu at Cookies & Co in Prenzlauer Berg is, as they say, the new hot shit of Berlin's brunch world. Its success proves it right. When we arrive on Sunday at 11 am., the café is already well frequented, gradually filling up to the point where customers are already queuing up. There must be something special here to justify this rush, which, as owner Ori assures us, is particularly high today, even by their standards.

One look at the display of sweet and savoury pastries already gives us an idea of why people are swarming the place: the sideboard looks fantastic and makes our mouths water. But we are here for the menu. So we start with hot drinks. For my companion, a cappuccino served on eco-friendly crockery pressed from coffee bean scraps, and for me, a tea, cup and saucer colourfully mixed together.


Personally, I love cafés like this one, where different pieces of furniture are lovingly thrown together to create a warm and cosy work of art. The wall in the back with the inscription "Good Vibes Only" and a colourful mural refers to the essence of this place. Add a flamingo chandelier, stucco on the ceiling and a Bathroom with colourful lighting and music. Everything seems to be combined according to mood and sympathy. Berlin style, after all.

The products are a colourful mix of American, French, and Japanese baking culture, focusing on their own recipes and creations that can only be found at Cookies & Co. After exploring the beautiful café comes the first course, which already elevates our brunch to higher spheres. There is a deep-fried brioche, wonderfully crispy and airy, accompanied by fried Japanese mushrooms and a light sauce anglaise. For me personally, there is hardly anything better than fried mushrooms - and these are something to behold.

We enjoy this successful first course and soak up the atmosphere. Cookies & Co was founded in 2017 by Mira and Ori, who combined their love for each other with their shared passion for good coffee and good food. This passion is also evident in the next dish.

The main course is a golden, fragrant croissant Benedict style, filled with poached eggs, smoked salmon and a special miso hollandaise, as well as caramelised onions. This is accompanied by a small but wonderful salad, which brings a beautiful freshness with slices of citrus fruit and radish. The eggs are perfect and the miso hollandaise complements the smoked salmon fantastically. We are thrilled.

After a short digestive break, the menu is rounded off with an excellent dessert. A layered tartlet appears on a leaf-shaped plate, its various components triggering a veritable taste explosion. A fluffy cake base is followed by blueberry cream topped with caramelised crispy pastry strands, covered with cream of choya, a plum brandy, with blobs of yuzu curd on top, sprinkled with a pinch of raspberry powder. This nuanced dessert can wholeheartedly be called a poem.  

Full and satisfied, we leave Cookies & Co for a Sunday stroll. If you want to start the day with excellent food in a friendly atmosphere, this is the place to go.

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3-course Sunday brunch – A joyful start of the day at Cookies & Co
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