Sofi Baked goods of outstanding quality

Wednesday, July 21 2021

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 7.30-18.30
Saturday + Sunday 8.30-17.30


Sophienstraße 21, Hof II
10178 Berlin-Mitte
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The walls of the old building are high, just like the fulfilled expectations of the various customers welcomed here every day. The sparrows are already whistling from the rooftops that the former Barcomi's Café in the Sophie-Gips-Höfe is one of the new places to be; if there are any places to be at all besides one's own home during this time. Sofi in Mitte has only just opened, but it's clearly no longer an insider.

While you're waiting in line, because that's what you'll most likely be doing at Sofi, you can peek into the open bakery and watch the dough work its magic and try to make up your mind. And then you discover the giant bowl of freshly whipped butter behind the sales counter and are sure: a sourdough roll with this butter and cheese is definitely what it should be, and a miso chocolate cookie and of course a double-baked croissant ...

Mainly old types of grain, so-called Ancient Grains, from small organic farmers are used here. They are often gluten-free but rich in nutrients, and above all they make delicious focaccia, wholemeal and sourdough breads. The offer of the Danish-German bakery in the clean Nordic design is clear: large loaves of bread, different puff pastry pieces, some cakes.

Sofi Focaccia

With the excellent synthesis of artisan baking tradition and the highest quality, there is no need for a lavish display. Craftsmanship has a certain measure and that means that sometimes something can be sold out. The concept, by the way, is the brainchild of Frederik Bille Brahe from Copenhagen - a not entirely unknown restaurateur there, from whom we will probably hear a lot more in Berlin in the future. But first things first: eat bread, it's delicious!

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Sofi – Baked goods of outstanding quality
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