Inspired by Humboldt's Travels The Deli Alexander in the Humboldt Forum

Tuesday, July 26 2022

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Thursday - Sunday: 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm
Monday - Wednesday: Closed


Deli Alexander
im Humboldt-Forum
10178 Berlin-Mitte
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He travelled along the rivers of the Orinoco, climbed to the highest peaks and through the deepest jungle, never without taking hundreds, even thousands of notes on various fields of research and collecting a multitude of plants and fossils. And because it is customary to be a little more informal when travelling, things are also a little more casual at Deli Alexander, which is dedicated to the tireless traveller and naturalist, than at the neighbouring Restaurant Wilhelm, which presents itself with a tasteful fine-dining concept.

Both restaurants were created in close cooperation with the Humboldt Forum. In keeping with the motto "Two Heads - Two Concepts", two different enjoyment concepts honour the significantly different pair of brothers. While Deli Alexander offers international cuisine with snacks and healthy bowls, Restaurant Wilhelm serves upscale German-French cuisine in a grand setting.  

However, Deli Alexander is also chic, modern and has that certain something, just a little more casual. The interior is bright and friendly, with wooden leaf ornaments, map sketches, jungle drawings and wallpaper here and there. They recall the exploratory journeys and countless records, measurements and objects that the intrepid naturalist brought back from his travels.

Tresen Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum
Lachsstulle Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum
Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum
Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum (1)
Tresenauslage Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum
Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum (2)
Blick auf den Fernsehturm Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum (1)
Humboldt Zimmer Deli Alexander im Humboldt-Forum

The wall relief made of Meissen porcelain was also originally hung in a restaurant in the Palace of the Republic and reminds us that we are staying in a place steeped in history. Situated between the Schlüterhof and the Spree, the view falls on the TV tower and the Spree balcony. What a wonderful place to fortify yourself with a light and delicious meal before or after a long day of culture.

In the kitchen, as in the brother restaurant Wilhelm, head chef Fabian Fiedler is in charge, who previously worked as chef pârtissier at the three-star restaurant Aqua in Wolfsburg and at the two-star restaurant Haerlin in Hamburg, among others. The inspiration for the "Bread & Bowl" concept at Deli Alexander comes from the various continents and (food) cultures from Europe to North and South America to Australia and Asia - of course, with the patron saint of the name.

All dishes are quickly prepared and yet of the highest quality. The beautiful counter shows off what Deli Alexander has to offer in the way of cakes, tarts and sweet pastries. There are also delicate ice cream creations and sumptuous ice cream sundaes - children's eyes light up, even if the culture is perhaps more to the adults' liking. In addition, there are fine coffee creations, a large selection of soft drinks and smoothies, and of course, draft beers, some wines and aperitifs.

But those looking for a nutritious meal for lunch or after an exciting exhibition will also find what they are looking for on Deli Alexander's modern menu: fresh bowls with Mexican-spiced chicken, quinoa and colourful bean salad, for example, or those with sushi rice and Berlin tofu or porkbelly from Havelland apple pig. In addition, lavish sandwiches such as pastrami with cheddar cheese and sauerkraut or mortadella with tomato are just as tempting as uncomplicated sandwiches with cream cheese or salmon.

For uncomplicated enjoyment, also perfect for a business lunch, a delicious Berliner Bulette or fresh pasta with Bolognese or tasty tomato sauce. Those who like it fruity-sweet will enjoy the smoothie bowls, which are also particularly beautiful to look at. Besides jaguars, boas and crocodiles, Alexander von Humboldt is sure to have encountered the açai berry on the Orinoco. The Deli Alexander is a great new hotspot for Berlin's historical centre!

By the way, the "Wilhelm-Alexander" location is also very well suited for events, including the large outdoor areas and individual smaller conference rooms. There are countless possibilities on-site for Christmas parties, corporate events or private celebrations.

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