Plant Base Café, workshops and books (not only) for vegan gourmets

Wednesday, March 02 2022

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Plant Base
Prenzlauer Allee 208
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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"Yes. Everything is vegan" is fortunately written directly on the counter, otherwise you could forget it; the tarts, cakes and cookie dough balls in the refrigerated counter of Plant Base seem so delicious. Yet running a café was not the original plan. Marika was simply tired of going with bags and baggage to rented event spaces to give her workshops.

But now, café Plant Base is located here on Prenzlauer Allee. Since Marika's partner Robert is an experienced barista, the café was simply the obvious choice. Besides, these premises are merely too beautiful not to make them accessible during the day: bright, friendly, high stucco ceilings, climbing plants, all create a friendly atmosphere. The refrigerated counter holds the above-mentioned cakes, tarts and pies, as well as large kimchi jars and jars of pickled feta. All vegan, of course.

Plant Base owner Marika herself has been vegan since she was a student. Yet she wishes she had tried it earlier because she is wholly convinced of the vegan lifestyle. So it is a matter of honour that she is happy to pass on her extensive knowledge of delicious vegan cooking and baking. How to prepare tofu so that it develops interesting taste, for example, or the a to z of vegan nutrition. Particularly suitable for beginners to vegan cooking or just to get a taste: the Vegan Starter Kit Class.

At Plant Base advanced cooks learn how to turn tofu into feta, mix up their party with vegan cocktails, or host a perfect vegan brunch. With a lot of enjoyment, the Plant Base team works for a better world. There are also other events around the vegan lifestyle, for which Marika has created the charming community space, vegan dating nights, for example, talks and screenings. There is also a small book corner for further education on human and animal rights, as well as on vegan nutrition. 

Plant Base Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (3)
Bagel Plant Base Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (1)
Prana Chai Latte Plant Base Prenzlauer Berg Berlin
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Plant Base Prenzlauer Berg Berlin

Corona showed what great fortune it was to found the attached café. Logically, the events alone would not have carried Plant Base, which opened at the end of 2019, through the pandemic. But Plant Base was well received from the start. The cappuccino comes with plant-based milk, of course, and the team at Plant Base also makes delicious smoothies, homemade sodas and fresh teas - we particularly like the chai latte, whose spices can unfold their full flavours in the oat milk.

Tasty café staples expand the range at Plant Base to include - of course - plant-based sweets, snacks and brunch: bagels with vegan salmon - yes, there is such a thing, it's made of carrot and tastes great - and vegan cream cheese, of course with delicious hummus or vegan egg spread. The mixed brunch platters with vegan feta, tofu scrambles, granola and - oh yes - vegan bacon chips also seem particularly delicious!

Best of all: in the workshops you learn to cook everything yourself with a lot of fun. Let me tell you one thing: we know by now that vegan patisserie can be just as delicious as conventional. This is also true of the sweet sins at Plant Base: the chocolate-orange tart is heavenly. 

Still don't dare to make your own vegan birthday cake? No problem! At Plant Base, you can also order the wonderful cake creations such as Banana Bread or Tahini Poppy, delicate vegan cheesecakes or even Bounty, Snickers or Banoffee Tarts. Just save the world bit by bit with a lot of joy.

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