The Sanctuary Italian delicacy in vegan

Tuesday, January 10 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30am - 6:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm


The Sanctuary Berlin
Torstraße 175
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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What the croissant is to the French, the cornetto is to the Italians, preferably enjoyed with a filling of luscious pistachio cream. Every bite is a tasty sin, a big yes to pleasure and thus to life. No wonder they are hugely popular in Berlin at the moment.

And one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites for these delicious pastries is undoubtedly The Sanctuary in Mitte. A no-frills, grey-plastered counter, a few bar stools at high tables, an unobstructed view of the glass bakery in the back, and a glass display that makes your mouth water - that's all The Sanctuary needs to make the capital go into raptures.

The absolute stars of this little Italian bakery are in the back of the shop: Maritozzo al Pistacchio, Cornetto Vaniglia, and Girella Nocciola. If you like it savoury, try the focaccia in the Genovese, Pomodori and Olive, Tropea Onion or Green Olive versions instead. And then there are the thoroughly impressive portafilter machines, where the friendly team at The Sanctuary makes fine espressos, cappuccino and other cafés. 

The Sanctuary Berlin I Italian vegan Artisanal Bakery
The Sanctuary Berlin I Italian vegan Artisanal Bakery (2)
The Sanctuary Berlin I Italian vegan Artisanal Bakery (3)

We are particularly pleasantly surprised by how light and unexpectedly unsweet the delicate pastries turn out to be. On top of that, it's hard to believe: whether it's crispy, shattering puff pastry, fluffy, delicious cream toppings or even the lovely pistachio cream, all the pastries at The Sanctuary are vegan - wow!

True to the motto "Bringing the tradition a step forward", owner Federica Fronterre uses traditional recipes from her home country and reinterprets them using vegan ingredients. By now, the whole city has noticed how deliciously she succeeds here, which is why the most popular baked goods can sometimes be sold out - that's just the way it is when everything is baked fresh in the back. So it's best to go in the morning, so you still have the full selection!

There is only one slight drawback: Unfortunately, there's not much room inside to linger and eat your way through the display. But rumour has it that The Sanctuary is already working on it. We are looking forward to one, two or three Italian delicacies in the winter sun.

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