Companion Tea & Coffee The finest hot drinks not far from the Maybachufer

Wednesday, September 20 2023

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Monday to Friday 8.30-18
Saturday + Sunday 10-18


Companion Tea & Coffee
Weserstraße 166
12045 Berlin-Neukölln
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Whether it's a long day at the desk, a short break in the midday sun or even a leisurely stroll, a Flat White, a green tea, or another delicious hot beverage suits almost any situation. Especially when they come in such perfection as at Companion Tea & Coffee in Neukölln.

A few unplastered walls offer a view of a rustic brick building. Otherwise, minimalist furniture and warm wood tones dominate the café's space. This goes wonderfully with the warm drinks served here. The name Companion is no coincidence, as the producers of all the teas and coffees at Companion Tea & Coffee are carefully selected.

The focus is on quality, taste and sustainable production methods, intending to offer unique teas and coffees that reflect the respective terroir of the place where they are grown. To this end, Companion sources the finest beans and rare tea leaves from direct sales, thus enabling complete transparency and traceability. So, only the best ends up in the cup.

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But not only friends of coffee and tea enjoyment will be happy here. Cold-pressed juices and a few selected natural wines like the hip Puszta Libr are also available. And because nothing goes so well with a fine drink as a tasty pastry, they bake delicious Strawberry Cream Choux, Sea Salted Chocolate Brownie or Banana Bread on site.

Even if the choice is difficult, a Choc Chip Oat Pecan Cookie and homemade hot chocolate with a bit of sea salt are just the proper companions to enjoy the last rays of summer sun along the Landwehrkanal.

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Companion Tea & Coffee – The finest hot drinks not far from the Maybachufer
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