Bonvivant Brunch at a Michelin Star restaurant

Tuesday, October 10 2023

Opening Times

Tuesday 18-1
Wednesday to Saturday 10-15 and 18-1
Sunday 10-15


Goltzstraße 32
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
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+49 176 617 226 02

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Bonvivant has long been a culinary multi-talent. The cocktail bistro stands out for its vegetarian fine dining cuisine and creative drinks, so good that the Schöneberg restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for the first time this year. But Bonvivant also has a more "down-to-earth" side with an exciting brunch, which is now served from Wednesday to Sunday.

The brunch itself is not new. We have been guests here many times, both professionally and privately. In short, we're real fans. The green shakshuka has always been a go-to dish, but the Eggs Benedict and the giant pancake, deliciously filled and served directly in the cast-iron pan, have also made us happy to stop by the Bonvivant again and again.

The weekend brunch is not unknown, but like all good things, it can evolve. So Bonvivant operator Jules Winnfield has extended the brunch to Wednesdays to Sundays and created a new brunch team to gradually develop the offer.

Gradual is the keyword. Although the brunch now has its own chef, Sophie Yager, she is developing the offer bit by bit together with the brunch restaurant manager, Paul Carl, instead of completely turning the menu upside down. The two have gastronomic experience - Sophie worked most recently at Frea, Paul at Kink - and so they combine their knowledge to take the enjoyment even further.

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When we arrive for brunch at Bonvivant on a Thursday, it is actually already lunchtime. All the better that savoury and sweet plates are served here until 3:00pm. Admittedly: It can be a little more substantial at noon, so I'm all the more pleased about the still delicious green shakshuka and a new favourite. The cheese sandwich, topped with a layer of gratinated yet creamy mixture of cheddar, mozzarella and scamorza, garnished with cocktail tomatoes and grated Peitinger Rezent, is wonderfully spicy.

For a light dessert, a granola bowl with blueberry sorbet and a cheesecake, both with fresh berries, beckon. It wouldn't be the Bonvivant if a gimmick didn't pop up somewhere, and so you get the granola in the form of a pressed biscuit, which you break yourself over the bowl.

Likewise, it wouldn't be Bonvivant if the drinks didn't kick. A basil and matcha shake delights us, as does the floral Bonvivant iced tea. And in keeping with the restaurant's official motto, "No shame in daytime drinking", another espresso martini stimulates the spirits.

We are happy about the extended offer and the possibility of having a delicious late breakfast or lunch at Bonvivant, even during the week.

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