Soi & Co. Café and concept store dedicated to the soybean

Wednesday, August 02 2023

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Monday - Friday, Sunday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: noon - 6:00pm


Soi & Co. (Huadou Soy Concept Store)
Linienstraße 205
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 176 847 200 71

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Berlin-Mitte is and remains a melting pot for creatives from all over the world. Again and again, new unique places are created here that enrich Berlin with entirely new concepts. One example is the concept store Soi & Co. at Linienstraße 205, where everything revolves around the diversity of the soybean. We were particularly taken with the fine tartlets served in the café area with excellent coffee.

The word "Huadou", which was the former name of the café, comes from Chinese and means "great beans". And so the team behind the concept store presents a wide variety of soy products, which they also reinvent repeatedly to demonstrate their versatility. A particular highlight is the desserts, which are all vegan and made from soy products.

For example, there is soy ice cream with black sesame, cheesecake made from tofu, chocolate miso brownies or brownies made from a combination of matcha and mung beans. We also found the tofu cheesecake with black sesame or the yuzu cheesecake heavenly. We drank the coffee with homemade soy milk, produced by Soi & Co., using traditional methods to guarantee an authentic taste.

Café Huadou Soy Berlin Mitte-1
Café Huadou Soy Berlin Mitte-2
Huadou Soy Concept Store Berlin Mitte
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The soybeans are slowly ground with a traditional stone mill to produce the purest form of soy milk in combination with high-quality water. In general, tradition plays a significant role for the team behind Soi & Co.. After all, it is also part of their mission to preserve the cultural heritage and to use this for new exciting product developments.

The interior of the Soi & Co. is also remarkably successful. It was developed by the Berlin design studio Alter The Air. The minimalist interior, with a few elements made of bamboo in front of white and naturally plastered walls, creates a warm and cosy atmosphere that makes every product on offer look like a design object.

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Soi & Co. – Café and concept store dedicated to the soybean
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