Gorilla Bakery A creative brunch in Schöneberg

Wednesday, June 15 2022

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Daily: 8:00am - 6:00pm


Gorilla Bäckerei
EUREF Campus 1
Torgauer Straße / Dominicusstraße
10289 Berlin-Schöneberg
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It's been just under a year since the Schöneberg branch of Gorilla Bakery opened on the EUREF Campus and provides guests with excellent baked goods, ranging from bread to croissants to juicy pizza. But not just that. The special feature here: The much more spacious branch than the Neukölln original, offers a delicious, seasonal a la carte brunch, which we had the pleasure of sampling during our last visit.

In good weather, you can sit on the wide terrace; in the current temperatures the loft-like interior does the trick. The design is bright, simple, tasteful, designed by Mathilde Gaudin, natural wood elements and handmade Moroccan tiles are complemented by light walls and concrete columns.

2023 has not only brought a renovation (unfortunately) necessary after water damage, but also a new chef. Soniaharvi Muslihun had just moved to Berlin when she got the job as head chef. She definitely has the experience. Before Berlin, Sonia has worked in various restaurants in Copenhagen, including 108 and Restaurant Noi.

Gorilla I Brunch I 4 I Photo by Savannah van der Niet
Gorilla I Brunch I 3 I Photo by Savannah van der Niet
Gorilla I Brunch I 1 I Photo by Savannah van der Niet

The two months of renovation have not diminished the popularity of the Gorilla Brunch: there is a lot of activity at more tables than during our last visit. Through a window, we watch the bakery working on the dough for the wonderfully fragrant pizzas. But we are not here for those today. So instead, we start our Sunday brunch with a fresh, non-alcoholic cocktail while we wait for the selection that chef Sonia has put together for us.

Our table fills up quickly until there's hardly any room left as we sample a whole range of brunch treats. Where do you start? Sweet or savoury? That's quite a philosophical question at brunch. We opt for savoury and dive into the brioche with pumpkin, cavolo nero and a soft-boiled egg. The dish is wonderfully spicy, perhaps due to the influence of her homeland, as described by Sonia?

In any case, the cuisine emphasises seasonality and regionality, although owner Matteo also includes exquisite ingredients from his native Italy. Organic and Fairtrade quality is also desired in the Gorilla Bakery.

There are a few other hearty dishes on the menu. However, we are going in more of a sweet direction today. What stands out is an affinity for fresh oranges that the other plates have in common. The beetroot salad with tardivo, blood orange, purple carrots, and flamed goat's cheese is a nice balance between sweet and salty. Wonderfully fresh.

If you prefer to start the day with porridge or porridge-like dishes instead, you'll find sweet and sweet-salty options here too. Like the rice porridge with poached pears and blue cheese - it doesn't just work on a tarte flambée! The light and airy hibiscus granola with yoghurt espuma, whose crunchy topping alone is inspiring, is the finale.

With its mix of open, modern bakery and brunch/lunch café, Schöneberg's Gorilla Bakery fills a gap in the area. During the week, there is a lunch menu as well as various snacks, which we will try out next time. Offering ice cream is also in the planning stages. We are excited!

Gorilla Bakery – A creative brunch in Schöneberg
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