Bakery at Fotografiska Where art and pleasure merge

Wednesday, May 01 2024

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Monday to Friday 8-15
Saturday + Sunday 9-15


Bakery at Fotografiska Berlin
Oranienburger Straße 56
10117 Berlin
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Fotografiska is a centre of contemporary art and culture in the heart of Berlin. On several floors, fascinating exhibitions by renowned photographers from all over the world await visitors. But Fotografiska is so much more than “just” a museum: it is a place of artistic, cultural, and culinary encounters and experiences. The culinary concepts, such as the Veronika restaurant, are a welcome addition to the overall experience.

Even though the Bakery brings together the various influences of Fotografiska - from its beginnings in Stockholm to New York - the history, energy and, ultimately, the flavours of Berlin are at the forefront. With fragrant coffee in the morning and fresh Swedish cardamom buns, the Bakery is the perfect place to start the day. Afterwards, of course, visiting the latest exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin is a good idea.

But whether with or without a visit to the museum, the delicacies baked and served in the Bakery will tempt you into the afternoon. In addition to homemade quiche, there is excellent focaccia with various toppings, such as the Berlina Ballerina with roast beef Pommern, gherkins, marinated red cabbage, hand cheese and mustard. Another highlight is the selection of incredibly delicious croissants. From the classic - also vegan - to pistachio and chocolate to the “green” pain au zucchini with vegan mozzarella, there is plenty to discover here.

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In the Bakery, art and indulgence merge to create an incomparable experience, confirming the suspicion that museum cafés are the most beautiful cafés - especially when they are masterfully designed like the one in Fotografiska Berlin.

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Bakery at Fotografiska – Where art and pleasure merge
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