Süßkramdealer A culinary concept-store and a cafe in high spirits


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Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm


Varzinerstraße 4
12159 Berlin-Friedenau
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+49 30 850 777 97

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I have previously mentioned on this blog the Süßkramdealer who impressed me with his excellent collection of chocolate and sweets, but his store grew into a culinary concept-store with a café and is worth to be mentioned again.

The owner Martin Hesse loves his job and I could listen to him for hours when he talks about all the temptations that he sells in his enchanting store. There isn’t a product that doesn’t come with a story or anecdote - each one is worth giving into the temptation.

For his store and the newly bordering cafe he put together an eclectic mix of sweets, selected wines, carefully chosen accessories as well as first class cooking books. In the cake display cabinet you can admire tarts and tortes of the former Adlon confectioner, that are freshly baked every day. The pleasant smell of coffee is in the air and the cheerful pastel ambiance gets your mood up, even when it rains.

Meanwhile shelves and tables are filled with easter surprises: Marzipan Eggs from the best Marzipan manufacturer Mest in Lübeck, ‘Knackeier’ from Erich Hamann from Berlin, traditionally manufactured sugar bunnies and brittle eggs from Altensteig in Swabia.


One of my favourites is the golden nut, produced by the great albeit a little outmoded Berlin-based Confectioner Walter. And so on....I could fill pages of praise for all these delicacies. Whoever likes to discover the wonders of raspberry sherbet chocolate, coffee from Baden Baden’s king, exclusive chocolate from Bachhalm and Pichler from Austria or from Venchi in Italy, should come by the store in Friedenau. It is best to leave all resolutions at home!

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Süßkramdealer – A culinary concept-store and a cafe in high spirits
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