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Berlin Brandstifter Berlin Dry Gin

I don't consume much alcohol, mostly because it doesn’t sit well with me. The only exception I make is for Gin. Mixed with Soda, it never causes me unpleasant implications like headaches or other allergic reactions. Maybe it is because of its clarity, maybe because of the low sugar, or maybe because of all of the natural ingredients like cedar, anise, cinnamon and coriander that gin holds. I don’t know....But even Queen Mum apparently swore on Gin and it’s been said that she drank a Gin Tonic every day. It makes me very happy to hear that Gin is getting more and more popular, and now Berlin has invented its very own Gin, produced by the distillery Berliner Brandstifter - and of course, it comes in a whimsical bottle. The owner of the Berlin Manufacturer Vincent Honrodt says: “We will produce Gin, that holds the magic of a summer morning after an eventful night.” I like that! The recipe has been perfected for over a year, to create a fresh, light and juicy taste. Brandstifter only uses ecological resources from and around Berlin that have been handpicked and distilled. According to Honrodt, you can taste hints of elderflower, fresh cucumber, small mallow and woodruff. In comparison to gins like Hendriks and Tanqueray I find the Berlin Dry Gin extremely flavorful, light and fresh with a fruity hint of pear. Even though I love gin I am not an expert on the subject and usually judge a drink by ‘like or dislike’ and this one is a definite like! On May 27th the first bottles will be sent out and you can have a taste at places like the Victoria Bar in Schöneberg. I’m definitely a fan.

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Berlin Brandstifter – Berlin Dry Gin
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