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Our / Berlin To Each His Own and To Berlin Its Own Vodka

Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Apart from Berliner Brandstifter's Gin, the capital can now call a Vodka brand its own as well and paves the way for Pernod Ricard's Our/Vodka project. Laid out internationally with a uniform concept, the campaign brings to life individual kinds of vodka each made  from regional ingredients. In Berlin, the magic happens on Flutgraben 2 in Treptow at Paul Sanders'.

Contrary to my habit, I usually drink Gin, a group of friends and I decided to give the clear distillate a try this past weekend. We were amazed by the crown corked 350 ml bottle alone, and drank it away pure on the rocks.

Fruity, fresh, delicious and definitely worth a recommendation! We wouldn't even tell you to dilute it. The only thinkable alternative might be some good soda water. The scents and flavors unfold best when it's consumed pure, and besides, this vodka is so mild it is in no need of any kind of thinning or mixing. Only a few things left to say: let the sun set, put the lobster on the grill and toast 'na sdarovje'!

Our / Berlin – To Each His Own and To Berlin Its Own Vodka
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