Stars for Berlin 2023 The Guide Michelin has spoken

Wednesday, March 16 2022

The first German Michelin Guide was published in 1910, and there has been a separate German edition since 1964. However, the highest rating of three stars is awarded only very rarely. It was first awarded in 1980 to Eckart Witzigmann for his restaurant Aubergine in Munich. With Restaurant Rutz, Berlin has also had one of the most highly decorated top restaurants since 2020.

It was able to defend it again at this year's award ceremony on 4 April 2023. As in previous years, Berlin came off well this year, as it is no secret that our favourite restaurateurs are hard-working, thoughtful, creative while operating at the highest level: A total of 30 stars were awarded to 23 restaurants in the capital.

There were no new two stars for Berlin, but the award was confirmed for the following restaurants: Facil at Potsdamer Platz, Horváth in Kreuzberg, the dessert bar Coda Dessert Dining in Neukölln and the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer in the Hotel Adlon as well as Tim Raue not far from Friedrichstraße.

We are particularly pleased this year for two of our favourite restaurants, which were able to join the ranks of the 1-star restaurants: Bonvivant Cocktailbistro in Schöneberg and The NOname in Mitte. In addition, another 16 restaurants were able to maintain their stars: The small but fine Bandol sur mer in Mitte, the classically modern Bieberbau, the vegetarian Cookies Cream, the Cordo, the radically reduced Ernst, Björn Swanson's Faelt, the Golvet as well as the Hugos high above the rooftops of the city, the French-inspired Irma la Douce, the brutally local Nobelhart & Schmutzig, the Levantine Prism as well as the Kreuzberg restaurants Richard, the Tulus Lotrek and the Skykitchen high above the rooftops of Berlin.

The Michelin testers act anonymously and covertly, which means that the methods and requirements surrounding the awarding of stars are not transparent. This procedure regularly comes in for criticism. Especially with regard to the Green Stars, which are being awarded for the fourth time, it is all the more understandable. The Guide Michelin wants to reward "exemplary initiatives and concrete measures [and] a philosophy of sustainability", as it says on the Guide Michelin website.

This year, the zero-waste restaurant Frea, the Cordo and the Bandol Sur Mer were awarded a Green Star. Horváth, Lode & Stijn, Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Rutz and Tisk also qualified.

Creme Guides congratulates all restaurants and chefs for the awards!

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Stars for Berlin 2023 – The Guide Michelin has spoken
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