Blue Chocolate Workshop with Eat Art Designer Kristiane Kegelmann

Thursday, December 07 2017


Kristiane Kegelmann
Danziger Straße 59
10345 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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+49 176 576 965 91

Workshop "Blue Chocolate"
January, 26th 2018, 18.00-21.00

price: 135 Euros

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If you want to start the new year with inspiration, exciting culinary explorations, wrapped in the warmth of chocolate, you're in the right place at the "Blue Chocolate" workshop by Kristiane Kegelmann, the young artist who uses the term "Eat Art" herself for her work to participate in one aspect of their artistic source of inspiration - the culinary debauchery - and to become creative themselves when it comes to designing extraordinary chocolate creations.

With her work, the artist wants to build a bridge between contemporary art and culinary delights, completely reinterpreting food and patisserie.If you would like to indulge yourself in "Momento mori en chocolat", you can do so on January 26, 2018 in the studio of Kristiane Kegelmann. Everyone who is interested in pleasure in its various forms can experiment there with illustrious people, under personal guidance of Kristiane, with the different components.

During an evening full of conversation, seductive tastes and exquisite enjoyment, each one creates his own unique piece of art and receives answers to questions such as: Where does the individual ingredients come from and how are they made? Probably even for your own small praline production at home. The participants will work creatively with chocolate and other natural ingredients and produce special pieces with the help of their own intuition.

Kristiane Kegelmann Pralinen Workshops-3
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Kristiane Kegelmann Pralinen Workshops
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Kristiane Kegelmann Pralinen Workshops-2

In addition, one learns important informations in passing over the right tempering of chocolate as well as over the conscious handling with the further noble ingredients.There is also a salty naturalization to the many sweet temptations: The evening is accompanied by hearty snacks and a selection of wonderful wine from Viniculure. If the entertaining and cozy hours are coming to an end, the resulting "works" will be tried together and the rest will be able to start their journey home well wrapped.

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Blue Chocolate – Workshop with Eat Art Designer Kristiane Kegelmann
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