Bruder Küche & Bar Excellent food and drinks with Schmäh

Tuesday, October 10 2023

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Wednesday to Saturday: 5:00pm - 1:00am


Bruder Küche & Bar
Windmühlgasse 20/
1060 Vienna-10. Bezirk
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+43 664 135 13 20

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Making your own cocktail ingredients is the latest trend. But it is rarely done as consistently and creatively as at Bruder. Bar manager Hubert Peter ferments whatever comes between his fingers. His partner, Lucas Steindorfer, creates outstanding dishes with just as much enthusiasm. He finds inspiration in classic inn cuisine and all over the world.

Decoration and enjoyment go hand in hand here. Anyone peering through the windows of the restaurant, which is painted in the most beautiful forest green, could - at first glance - mistake it for a place where you indulge in alcohol alone.

A rustic room with a vaulted ceiling, discreetly lit and cramped seating. The ceiling-high shelves are lined with colourfully filled preserving jars and bottles. Everywhere you look - sideboards, window niches, staircase - everything is filled with homemade alcoholic beverages.

Yes, alcohol plays a significant role for the two "brothers", Hubert Peter and Lucas Steindorfer. Everything is homemade, prepared with herbs, fruits, leaves, barks... whatever nature provides. What they don't ferment or prepare themselves, they get from local businesses. The house wine, for example, comes in large bouteilles of several litres from Austrian natural wine pioneer Georg Schmelzer.

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"Soak dreams in alcohol and spread them thickly with butter" is the motto of the brother-operators. Yes, butter. Because in the pub in the 6th district, you can not only drink copiously and enjoyably - but also eat excellently. While Hubert Peter and his team mix their colourful, creative, playful drinks, chef Lucas Steindorfer conjures up equally colourful, creative, and playful creations on the plates.

Opened in 2019, Bruder is one of those places you can visit again and again without ever getting bored - because you can be sure that the duo will come up with new culinary surprises and fun. Asparagus liqueur, pine schnapps, koji beef, taco pancakes, goat cheese cheesecake.

With this concept (unusual drinks, modern pub cuisine and Viennese charm), the two have quickly conquered a place on the city's culinary map.

Even reading the menu is pure pleasure: "Do you like to share?" is what they say at the beginning. Then, for example, there is "Don't be sour" - a snack platter with sour pickles. Starters are "Kuh macht Muh" (cow makes moo) (watermelon, tomatoes and homemade cheese) or "Bitte Abstand halten" (please keep your distance) (sourdough bread with wild garlic butter).

For the main course, "Endlich was Gescheits "("Finally something clever"), there are new interpretations of the classic bratwurst with mashed potatoes or trout blue. But there are also flavours from all over the world (pancakes with beetle beans, salsa and puffed corn kernels).

The drinks menu is just as fun ("Elephant in a china shop" or "My new perfume" are the names of the drinks). You can also just say what you like (non-alcoholic as well) and let yourself be surprised. Because your brothers are always good for a surprise.

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