Figlmüller A schnitzel with a long tradition

Wednesday, March 06 2024

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Figlmüller at Wollzeile
Wollzeile 5
1010 Vienna-district 1
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Bäckerstraße 6

It unites them all: guests and locals, high society and craftsmen: the Wiener Schnitzel. It was probably invented elsewhere in the city, but on the Danube it became world famous. The Figlmüller has been perfecting its preparation for more than 115 years.

Cold and drizzle can't harm them: The schnitzel-hungry people who wait outside the doors of the Figlmüller day in, day out, to be let into the historic rooms where probably the best-known and most popular Viennese dish is celebrated.

The restaurant describes itself as the "home of the schnitzel". A bold claim, but the long queue and history prove the Figlmüllers right. The Figlmüller has been serving golden breaded schnitzel since 1905. Opened by Johann Figlmüller, the restaurant is now run by the fourth generation.

Over the years, the small inn in Vienna's city center has grown in all sorts of ways, including a smart offshoot in nearby Bäckerstraße. High rooms with wood-paneled walls, others cozy and decorated with bright green tiles, plus pub chairs and woven lamps.

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The restaurant, which was completely renovated in 2020, fits the Figlmüller philosophy: rooted in tradition and yet open to new ideas (the gourmet snack bar Brioche und Brösel was recently opened - schnitzel in a buttery burger bun).

Here, however, the focus is on the classic, as it is served not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral: 250 grams of Karreerose, pounded until the meat is wafer-thin. This is followed by a dip in flour, egg and breadcrumbs from the Kaisersemmeln baked especially for Figlmüller.

The second bath follows, this time in hot fat, and the meat is golden on our plate, its surface wavy like the Austrian Alpine panorama. A third bath usually follows. The schnitzel, they say here, also wants to swim in wine. The menu therefore offers a large selection of mainly local wines.

For the sake of completeness, Austrian classics such as fried chicken, boiled beef and spinach dumplings are also available here. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing what to eat, most people will probably not need to look at the menu. However, one small, not unimportant decision must be made in advance: The Figlmüller Original is made from pork - unlike the classic Wiener Schnitzel, which is traditionally made with veal and is also served here.

Ultimately, however, it's a question of taste: "There are as many interpretations as there are Viennese". For some time now, there has also been one made from pea protein for all vegan diners. What they all have in common: the diameter, which bursts the plate, the golden-brown, crispy breading, the fresh salad garnish (for which you can choose from more than ten variations).

If you still have room in your stomach after the sumptuous meal, you can fill it with Austrian desserts such as Kaiserschmarren. For everyone else: The schnitzel is also available to take away - as a puzzle or a book. Including the recipe, of course, so that you can cook the Figlmüller original at home.

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