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Friday, March 13 2015

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Tuesday till Saturday 12.00–24.00


Shiki Japanese Fine Dining | Brasserie | Bar
Krugerstraße 3
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 1 512 73 97

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Menu changes every season!

Shiki's elegant exterior already attracts from afar. World cuisine in Vienna! The appearance strongly reminds us of Shiki's equivalents in London or New York. Owner Joji Hattori explains that he specifically chose Austrian architects to design his restaurant like an upscale Western European restaurant in Tokyo. He does not make a claim to authentic Japanese cuisine only, which wouldn't be possible anyway, as he explains passionately, because a good restaurant in Japan would never offer Tempura, Sushi, grilled food, fish and meat all in one place, but only one of them.

With Shiki, conductor and new restaurant owner Joji Hattori is finally playing out his Japanese side and his passion for good food, combining the best of European and Japanese cusine. His courteous ways make him an extraordinary host at that. His high standards lead to exquisite design, the finest materials and the most delicate table decoration, subtle classic background musik and a special something: fully automatic toilets do not require a trip to the Far East any longer. And the centerpiece of the restrooms: a large orange sofa. A must-see!

Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Bar Wien Vorspeise
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Bar Wien Speisen
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Bar Wien Fleisch
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Bar Wien Dessert
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Wien Tische
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Wien Einrichtung
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Wien Interieur
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Wien Fine Dining
Shiki Japanisches Restaurant Wien Blick in die Küche

We're sitting in Joji Hattori's 'office', as he likes to call the little nook covered in Japanese wallpaper with a large window that oversees the busy kitchen. Luscious ingredients, the colorful fresh herbs look mouthwatering. The kitchen overture is a Shiki signature dish, Wagyu beef carpaccio that practically melts on the tip of your tongue. We try mountain brook trout sashimi, as well as tuna and pink shrimp tartar. All this is done explicitly refraining from the use of endangered bluefin tuna.

The next course presents Taku's Vegetable Surprise, not only a visual feast this dish comes with a roasted rice crust that is unusually delicious. Vegetarians will enjoy this cuisine just as much, by the way, while most vegetarian dishes are actually even vegan. A selection of contemporary sushi makes the intermezzo, served without soy sauce as it is only available upon direct request, but we don't miss it one bit. We're in awe of the beautiful food staging and presentation, and we could really feel how everyone's giving their all to arouse a true sensual frenzy among the guests.

We continue with pink duck breast marinated in soy stock, served on sunflower root, carrots and dried fruit – a truly fantastic combination. After a full-bodied Chardonnay, we now enjoy the exquisite Nuit-Saint-Georges 1er Cru from the impressive wine list, served correspondingly elegant in a mouth-blown wine glass. Perfection to the very last piece! And even though we have almost tried a bit of everything, we couldn't keep ourselves from taking a bite of the 'Tamago Stake', revealing itself to be another visual and flavor highlight, thus, putting a righteously perfect ending to a grand evening.

Thankful patrons who come frequently and personally greet the host, as well as the list of names of numerous gourmets and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine, who've been spotted here repeatedly, prove his concept right. After our tour through everything that Shiki has to offer, we are convinced, too! My company even has to give in to pay a big compliment, which does not happen very often. For us, this visit was a culinary highlight that will be hard to excel.

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Shiki Japanese Fine Dining Brasserie Bar – The Best of Japan and Europe
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