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Tuesday, June 23 2015

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 6.30 - 10.00
Saturday and Sunday 7.00 - 14.00
Monday till Friday 12.00 - 14.00
Dinner daily 18.00 - 22.00


DIE KÜCHE WIEN - Palais Hansen Kempinski
Schottenring 24
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 1 236 1000 8080

price level

The Wishing Table for groups of four or more people available in the evening.

“I have eaten so much, not a leaf more I’ll touch!” – it is said in the Brother Grimm’s fairy tale The Wishing Table. The wondrous thing about that table was not only that it set itself and filled itself with various foods, but also that every empty plate was immediately replaced by a full one. Why am I telling this fairy tale? Because that’s exactly how I felt whilst enjoying ‘The Wishing Table’ at Palais Hansen Kempinski.

All in all, we had four persons and the smallest possible group for The Wishing Table. The charming service team gave us a warm welcome and explained the concept, whilst we enjoyed a glass of Bründlmayer Rosé sparkling wine as an aperitif. Chef de Cuisine Martin Pham asked about special preferences and intolerances and we were impressed by how quickly the kitchen team adapted to those.

Surrounded by green plants covering the walls and making the atmosphere truly enjoyable, we could always view the partly open kitchen, so we could see all the surprises from the kitchen team. We chose the ingredients for an outstanding tartar of ‘Wienerwald’ beef out of a huge pallet directly on the table and observed how our culinary delight was prepared. Toast and mixed pickles were served as a side dish. For lovers of warm meals, there are crab cakes with jalapeno-onion marmalade and avocado and soya mayonnaise as well as a really delicious paper-thin tarte flambée with smoked salmon. A nice appearance and taste make for a good start!

Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Köche
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Zubereitung
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Speisen
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Lachs
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Büffet
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Außenbereich
Die Küche Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Empfang

The chefs serve some of the dishes personally and we were happy to a have a quick chat with them. I really liked this personal touch. Generally, we were thrilled by how sympathetic the kitchen and service team is. The sommelier surprised us with an unusual selection of wines. The fresh summer wine, a Sauvignon Blanc from South Tyrol first appeared to be light, but in fact, packs a punch. It perfectly matched our dishes, encouraging us to help ourselves.

If we thought the first course was opulent, the second one astonished us. Small slices of meat accompanied by asparagus with hollandaise sauce, sea bass with mini avocado and a superb risotto with chanterelles were put on the table. We did not know where to start and all agreed that the dishes not only tasted delicious, but were also arranged with lots of passion and dedication.

Now and then, Executive Chef Anton Pozeg passed by. Where do you have so much interaction with those who make you smile so bright? We also enjoyed small sweet delights, a glass of sweet wine, a cup of coffee and homemade petit fours, before leaving. To put it in one line, we felt pampered all night and owe a big thank you to the enthusiastic team for this fairy-tale pleasure!

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