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Gulasch and Champagne Vienna’s Noblest Diner

Tuesday, January 12 2016

Opening Times

Monday till Sunday 11.00-0.30


Gulasch & Champagne at the Grand Ferdinand
Schubertring 10–12
1010 Vienna
.How to get there


+43 1 91 880 500

We all know that those zesty Austrian treats go really well with beer. But are goulash and champagne as good a match? Yes, indeed. If you don’t believe me, hurry to Gulasch & Champagne at the Grand Ferdinand on Vienna’s Ringstraße. They opened in 2015 to spoil their guests with treats such as Würstl, Leberkäse and Gulasch, and they do it superbly.

No matter what your plans are later: come here for a solid basis to tackle the challenges of the party ahead. Or you can do it the other way round and stop by for a nightcap or to satisfy your late night munchies. As a special during ball season, Gulasch & Champagne stay open until 3 am or even later, as our waiter Mr. Lawrence discloses with a wink.

Behind the counter gleam all the stainless steel appliances necessary to prepare juicy Leberkäse and an assortment of sausages. The dishes are served on finest china; water, wine, and champagne come in elegant glasses. Mr. Lawrence tells us that everything is freshly prepared every day and delicious Franz Johann bread is delivered even several times a day and that its history is a story in its own right. It is baked traditionally in Lower Austria, with flour from Vorarlberg.

Gulasch and Champagne Grand Ferdinand Wien Burger
Gulasch and Champagne Grand Ferdinand Wien Gericht
Gulasch and Champagne Grand Ferdinand Wien Getränke
Gulasch and Champagne Grand Ferdinand Wien Theke

We decide to start with a so-called Pfiff (0,175l or half a small beer) of the unpronouncable Velkopopovický and a large "Schweinerei" ("pig mess") for two. We indulge in beef and horse Leberkäse, Frankfurter, Debreziner, and Cotechino sausages as well as point steak and beef tongue. It sounds like a lot, but everything is served appetizingly in bite-size pieces. It is easy to picture a group of merry ball guests warming up with style before their glamorous night at the Hofburg.

The service is very friendly and swift, the atmosphere is relaxed and easy-going. Background music of old and contemporary Viennese pop adds local colour. We feel better by the minute and decide to sample the sweets.
The so-called Buchteln (sweet yeast buns) taste heavenly, the delicate Rigó Jansci with cream melts gently in the mouth. We round off our meal with Turkish and Viennese coffee. It smells glorious as I pour the hot water from a silver pot over the freshly ground coffee through the porcelain filter into my cup.

What a concept! What a contrast to every other fast food place I have ever been to! I am a fan. And the next time we go to a ball, you can definitely find us here before – and most certainly afterwards, too.

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