Stuwer am Schottentor The second "Neue Wiener Beisl"

Tuesday, February 06 2024

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 11.30-14.30 and 17.30-23


Stuwer - Am Schottentor
Rockhgasse 1
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 1 5337687

The longing for familiar flavours is great. At least, this is the obvious conclusion, as taverns have been experiencing a minor renaissance for some time now. In 2018, Stuwer in the north of Vienna was one of the first restaurants to combine tradition and modernity skilfully. Now it has followed suit with a second location in the city centre.

Since it opened a few years ago, Stuwer in the 2nd district has become a popular meeting place - not just for the neighbourhood but for all those who appreciate traditional Viennese cuisine.

The "Neues Wiener Beisl" is the name of the restaurant: the Beisl - for all newcomers: the Viennese equivalent of a tavern - impresses with a spacious bar with excellent wine and freshly tapped beer, down-to-earth, simple furnishings and a menu that includes all the well-known and popular classics. Cosiness meets indulgence.

After the enjoyment aspect fell somewhat out of focus in the meantime, more and more pubs have opened in the recent past in which tradition has been carefully transformed into modernity.

One of these is the Stuwer Beisl mentioned at the beginning of this article - an absolute recommendation, but we will only mention it in passing here. The Stuwer has recently opened a branch in Vienna's city centre, directly in the 1st district behind the Schottentor.

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And even if the interior and menu are a little more elegant, the principle remains the same: The best Viennese cuisine of the highest quality. The ambience alternates between traditional and modern. Wooden furniture meets colourful art on the walls.

You immediately feel at home, browse through the pleasantly short menu, which is supplemented by a handwritten daily menu, can't make up your mind because everything sounds good, order a wine first. A wild Austrian, unfiltered, unusual, marvellous.

Austrian cuisine with an international outlook is how the kitchen concept at Stuwer am Schottentor is described. It starts classically - frittata soup, Griesnockerlsuppe, beef tartare - but the first modern influences can already be seen in the starters: Pumpkin is dressed with miso, the tartare is served with pickled egg yolk and black salsify cream.

In the end, the choice falls on langos. When have you ever got the chance to taste Hungarian flatbread at its best - and not in the form of the greasy, dripping dough that langos is sold as at many fairs?

This one is crispy, soft, slightly sweet and topped with the dream team of beetroot and salmon. My companion, who has never heard of langos before, is delighted. The only criticism: too big!

After all, there should still be room for the main courses: Veal goulash and beef roulade from the menu of the day - both excellent, and both plates clean (despite the langos).

The last reserves are mobilised for dessert. However, the orange tiramisu and the Kaiserschmarren are so light (the Schmarren is made with sponge cake) that these plates also go back empty.

By the way, Stuwer am Schottentor also offers a lunch menu for those with a light or quick appetite, on request as a 2- or 3-course menu, vegetarian or with fish or meat. Conclusion: enjoyment meets cosiness - as befits a Viennese tavern.

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