Goldfisch Delicious fish for home or to enjoy on site

Tuesday, October 24 2023

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Tuesday to Friday 10.30-18.30
Saturday 9.30-15


Goldfisch – Bistro und Fischladen
Lerchenfelderstraße 16
1080 Vienna-district 8
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+43 664 254 95 96

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It is just under 500 kilometres from Vienna to the nearest sea. No wonder that the local cuisine is famous for its meat dishes. But you still don't have to do without excellent fish. This is also due to Petra Goetz-Frisch, who runs her fish restaurant, Goldfisch, in the 8th district.

A favourite fish? No, says Petra Goetz-Frisch energetically, she doesn't have one. She likes them all. And because there wasn't much on offer in Vienna a few years ago, the restaurateur decided to open her own fish restaurant. The Goldfisch has now been swimming in Vienna's waters since 2016.

Her "Fishery at Lerchenfeld" quickly became a favourite among local fish lovers. Everything that swims, has scales, and fins is served. The menu starts classically with oysters. They are served raw and purist but also steamed and paired with bold flavours.

The kitchen team provides them with two characterful accompaniments in the form of champagne emulsion and fiery Nduja butter. Even the companion who struggles with mussels slurps with pleasure. Scallops and mussels are also surprisingly combined, for example, with hoisin, ginger and chilli.

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The other starters are also delicious: The fish soup, the Creole fish cakes... You really can't go wrong with this selection. Essential for the taste: The products' Quality and origin are top priorities at Goldfisch. Fish and seafood come from wild catches or from sustainable organic farms.

This evening, char, gilthead and branzino are on the table. For the main course, they are roasted whole - to perfection with crispy skin and tender meat. Served with grilled vegetables and salad, the perfect fish dish is ready. If you fancy something unusual, order from the menu. For example, the sweetly flavoured St. Pierre fillet with beluga lentils, herb mushrooms and mulberries.

For each course, the Goldfisch team immediately lists the matching wine recommendation. With the fish soup, for example, the house wine is poured, made with the Ebner-Ebenauer vineyard. "Dear friends" from Petra. We deviate from the recommendation for the main course, too tempting the huge magnum bottle of rosé with which the hostess comes to the neighbouring table and fills the glasses.

There is an additional lunch menu at Goldfisch from 12 from Tuesday to Friday. Every Saturday, the restaurant transforms into a chic fish snack in the Hamburg style. Fish soup, maties, herring salad and smoked delicacies are on the menu. Goldfisch also travels to France occasionally: the mussel evening with oysters, moules frites & co. takes place regularly.

Those who want to cook their way to the sea at home can get ready-to-cook products in the attached fish shop. Among them are rarities that are hard to find in Vienna: locust shrimps fresh from the Adriatic, razor clams, and aquadelle. There is also a large selection of exquisite "canned food" for sale and, of course, wines. "Because the fish has to swim, too."

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Goldfisch – Delicious fish for home or to enjoy on site
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