Oswald & Kalb Art and Viennese cuisine in a historic vault

Tuesday, January 23 2024

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Wednesday to Sunday 18-23


Oswald & Kalb
Bäckerstraße 14
1010 Vienna
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In the heart of the city centre, Oswald & Kalb has stood for traditional enjoyment for five decades. The restaurant serves classic Viennese dishes from frittata soup to perfectly souffléed schnitzel. While you eat, you can marvel at the historic vaulted ceiling or the modern art on the walls.

Anyone who has held their own for more than 50 years in the varied and not-always-easy catering scene has undoubtedly earned the title of an institution. Oswald & Kalb, in the first district, has been welcoming lovers of Viennese cuisine since 1979.

These include numerous artists from the fields of literature, painting, sculpture and music, as the founding couple - Evelyn Oswald and Kurt Kalb - were themselves active in the art scene. The pub has retained its artistic focus under the current owners, the Sares couple.

The walls of the historic 16th-century vault are regularly used for changing art exhibitions. The centre room of Oswald & Kalb is lined with portrait photos of numerous prominent guests: greats from the worlds of art, entertainment and politics - they've all been here.

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An institution, after all. The reason for this is not just the charming interior of this winding restaurant with its wood-panelled walls and cosy seating niches. The main reason is, of course, the home-made Viennese cuisine.

Tafelspitz, fried chicken, veal goulash and, of course, schnitzel: pounded wafer-thin, breaded - exclusively "with breadcrumbs from the Kaisersemmel" - and then fried until light and fluffy so that it arrives at the table as a golden-brown cloud.

There are also a few vegetarian dishes such as spinach dumplings, as well as seasonal specialities. In autumn, for example, there is the traditional Martini goose or a wonderfully tender venison goulash.

The desserts also remain true to Austrian classics: curd cheese pancakes, apple strudel... Oswald & Kalb is also famous for its chestnut rice - chestnut puree pressed into strings, inspired by the French dessert classic Montblanc.

Austrian wines and Viennese serenity round off the enjoyment. At Oswald & Kalb, the clocks still tick pleasantly slowly.

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