Buschenschank Wieninger am Nußberg Incredible Wines with a Beautiful View

Tuesday, May 31 2016

Opening Times

Thursday: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: from noon to 10:00 pm
Sunday & Holidays: from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


Buschenschank Wieninger am Nußberg
Eichelhofweg 125
1190 Vienna-district 19
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+43 (0) 1 320 06 43

Reservations possible only for that same day.

The Viennese’ attitude towards life wouldn’t be the same without Vienna’s vineyards and the fine wines they produce. When the weather is nice, residents flock outside to the vineyards, where you can enjoy a glorious stroll and beautiful view of the city.

I can only recommend the passionately run Buschenschank Wieninger am Nußberg, which was a hidden gem until just two years ago. Around that time, renowned Weingut Wieninger took over and renovated the tavern. The number of regulars has increased dramatically since, as more and more guests fall in love with not only the exceptional quality of the Wieninger wines, but their food as well.

Fritz Wieninger played a large role in bringing the "Wiener Gemsichter Satz", a special Viennese wine specialty, into international renown. This blend differs from a classic cuvée in that the grape varieties are planted in the same vineyard rather than grown separately, then pressed and brewed together as well.

Wieninger Buschenschank am Nussberg Wien Ausblick
Heuriger Wieninger am Nussberg Wien
Heuriger Wieninger am Nussberg Wien

Alongside the "Wiener Gemischter Satz", Fritz Wieninger produces exquisite Grüner Veltliners, chardonnays, and luxurious red wines such as the award-winning pinot noir. His mother Barbara is the heart and soul of the tavern and offers charming, cheery recommendations. It’s uncanny that she still remembers what we had during our last visit.

The wines are accompanied by hearty dishes, crispy Wachauer pastries, and homemade cakes. You won’t find any hot meals which is typical of taverns called "Buschenschank", but the cold platters are put together with plenty of love and care. The house beef salad pairs brilliantly with wine as well.

As a grand finale we enjoy the "Wieninger Nussberg Gemischter Satz Alte Reben", gotten of twenty different kinds of seventy year old vines. Surrounded by vineyards, we sit in the lush green lawn and enjoy what is probably the most beautiful view of Vienna. The entire city stretches before us.

And when the sunset bathes the city in a mystical milky red light, the colourful stones of the Vienna heating plant, constructed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, shimmer and glow. The day couldn’t come to a nicer end and the wine tastes twice as good with such a lovely view. Cheers!

Heads up: it can get quite chilly at night, as the wind is strong up here.

Buschenschank Wieninger am Nußberg – Incredible Wines with a Beautiful View
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