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The Morgenmuffel The hottest breakfast spot in town

Tuesday, June 27 2023

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday 8am to 4pm


The Morgenmuffel
Eppendorfer Landstraße 144
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there

The walk to The Morgenmuffel is already part of the experience. As you approach the massive Gründerzeit building, large windows allow for a first glance into the bright rooms of the new, hip breakfast spot in Eppendorf.

Inside 5-metre-high ceilings open the space up, making room for guests, impeccable interior design and a light atmosphere. Stucco on the ceilings, dark terrazzo stone on the floor and counter. The interior, made of wood, is light and inviting. Large Vertigo pendant lights float between the high ceiling and the stone floor. Historic motif tiles on the walls are a small glimpse into the building’s eventful history. In the past the space used to be home to hippie flat-sharing communes and butcher's shops.

And this is just one of the impressive rooms in the café, which has been beautifully and thoughtfully designed by the architecture firm Design-in-Architektur. Well-balanced and put together, the interior of the café oscillates between modern-elegant and cosy.

Modern design and old substance. After climbing a couple stairs from the ground to the upper floor of the café, the circus opens up on the left. This room can be hired for larger parties of up to 12 people. The walls are covered with dark red wallpaper, and glass light rings, reminiscent of a trapeze, hang from the ceiling. A large old table made of dark wood is the central piece.

Just a few steps further, a room in dark blue can be found. Comfortable sofas, bistro tables made of light wood and on the walls, a tasteful wallpaper in a dark grey-blue pattern. Flowerpot pendant lights hang from the high ceilings above the tables and provide some intimacy in the wide space.

A next room shines in bright, warm yellow and orange tones. The walls are painted a light grey, the stucco grapefruit red. The fan-like patterns in the plaster are reminiscent of the arcs of light above the windows and the entrance door to The Morgenmuffel.

A window allows the guests a small peek into the kitchen, which is modern and clean. Here, among others, the former chef of Theos cooks for the guests. Another design highlight is an upholstered window alcove equipped with small tables, inviting you to sit or even lie down for breakfast. A touch of antiquity.

While the interior design is undoubtably one of the highlights of the Morgenmuffel, the road leading up to it was long. The planning of the interior design alone took six months. In close cooperation with the design and architecture office DIA from Darmstadt, the space was lovingly renovated, furnished and completely transformed into the beautiful space it is today.

The three founders Iman Saber Gorgan, Koosha Bahar and Cagatay Baskurt drew inspiration for their passion project from their travels through Europe's hottest cities. Among others, in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Amsterdam and London. From the beginning, internationality was the red thread running inspiring the concept, design and menu of The Morgemuffel.

The delicacies offered in The Morgemuffel daily from 9:00 to 16:00. To say that this gastronomic establishment is a breakfast café would simply be an understatement. Because here, breakfast specialities from different countries are fused together and combined with current trends. The Morgenmuffel prioritises high-quality products, which are sourced from Metzgers, Cassenshof and the Braaker Mühle, among others.

The clearly structured menu includes Eggs Benedict, pancakes and French toast. The latter is a brioche with cheesecake-espuma, blueberry ragout and butter crumble. And it tastes devine. As do the Eggs Benedict de luxe. Here, too, the fluffy brioche bread, which is made especially for The Morgemuffel by Braaker Mühle, provides the basis. The poached eggs, wild salmon, salmon caviar and hollandaise sauce are prepared fresh daily in house and combine with the brioche to create a taste sensation. Everything is finished off with some fresh salad.

In addition to the menu, there is also a separate bar menu. In addition to the delicacies from the kitchen, delightful goodies from the cocktail shaker will sweeten your stay. Moderate day-dinking accompanied by wonderfull food, just one of the reasons to join guests from near and far heading towards The Morgenmuffel and experience it for yourself.

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