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Wednesday, September 27 2023

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Monday to Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm


Omen Café
Mönckebergstraße 21
20095 Hamburg-Inner City
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Hamburg has a new hotspot for lovers of good coffee, homemade delicacies, extraordinary fashion, selected coffee table mags, and illustrated books: the Thomas I Punkt Mode und Concept Store. From now on, fans of good taste, healthy food and Hanseatic haute couture will meet here at the Omen Café.

Sounds good, dear readers think, but it will be even better. This concept has found a home in the Hulbe Haus at Mönckebergstraße 21. A house that looks like a small castle. With large floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor, a magnificently decorated façade, an artistically crafted weather vane above the stairs of the side entrance and a view that stretches across Mönckebergstraße and St. Peter's Church to the Rathausmarkt.

The Hulbe House was built in 1911 in the style of an old Flemish townhouse and is the eye-catcher in the otherwise rather monotonous Mönckebergstraße. Georg Hulbe, to whom the house owes its name, was a bookbinder and leather craftsman. Early on, he made the rooms of his house available to artists as exhibition space. The love of beauty has a long tradition here.

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Omen Café Hamburg

In this special place, guests can now enjoy drinks and pastries in the Omen Café, browse illustrated books on the top floor, be inspired by the Omen collections or simply spend some time. The Friese family is also happy to welcome visitors who do not come for the sake of consumption.

The rooms on the third and fourth floors of the house are also intended to invite people to linger, network, daydream, or engage in other activities that are not aimed at acquiring objects. We find this extremely generous and look forward to many an hour in the Omen Café.

The two lower floors of the building are still home to Omen clothing. Traditionally handmade in Hamburg. In the basement, sneakers and casual fashion await their owners.

As in Entenwerder 1, Leah Marta Rosenberg was responsible for the colourful, open and inviting design of the premises. The artist, whose works can be found in San Francisco airport or the headquarters of Facebook, among other places, makes the world light and colourful with her works.

In the Omen Café, these shine brightly with the design furniture. The complete interior design is a loud YES to life. And on nice days, you can enjoy the magnificent view from the terrace on the third floor, where colourful umbrellas provide shade, sitting among fig trees and pine trees.

Coffee, homemade cakes, homemade lemonades and snacks can be enjoyed in the café. At the bar with its long counter or in the small quiet corners to rest from shopping. The café is run by Chris Balz, for whom good coffee is much more than the perfectly adjusted espresso or the filter coffee brewed by hand.

The respectful handling of the pre-selected, high-quality products, the presentation of the prepared drinks, the atmosphere around them and the friendliness and professionalism of the entire team make up the overall experience. With this philosophy, coffee culture is lived in the Omen Café.

And anyone who loves coffee culture will surely have a soft spot for coffee table mags. This brings us to another element of the Friese-Omen schoolhouse concept. After the conversion, the top floor is home to the shop of Thorsten Kellers, the man behind the Coffee Table Mags label.

On the top floor, Thorsten Kellers offers the best independent magazines from all over the world. Happiness in Magazines, as he calls out to us on his website. The colourful magazines, which deal with architecture, travel, interior design or bicycles, fit perfectly with the house's overall design.

We were taken in by the house's atmosphere from the first moment. The time spent there flew by. Our congratulations and thanks to the Friese family for creating the next exciting place in Hamburg after Entenwerder 1.

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