Mikkels Everything Small

Saturday, October 26 2013

Opening Times

Thursday till Saturday 9.00-18.00
Sunday breakfast 10.00-15.00 (reservation recommended)


Kleine Rainstraße 10
22765 Hamburg-Altona
.How to get there


+49 40 7699 5072

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At Mikkels, all my senses come to life. The smell of roasted coffee comes up immediately upon entering. The counter almost bends with all the plates and covers filled with various tiny cakes. Little cheesecakes, almond nonettes, Linzer tarts, brioches or miniature bundts - the selection is tempting and one cake look better than the next!

I chose to go with a scone since Mikkels is one of only three cafés in Hamburg that makes fresh ones from scratch. Delicious! Especially the variation with Bergkäse and chutney. And for dessert I had a little Apple curd cake - it was incredibly good!

I took a seat at one of the five tables and let my eyes wander over the beautiful interior. Mikkels’ style is a little Danish, but not too sweet, a bit of flea market, but not too overdone - above all, it’s authentic. Geli Fuchs, in her second life, is a TV producer and show director and manages programs like Beckmann or the NDR Talkshow. Mikkels was a dream come true.


All tables are seated, all guests have a happy smile on their face and look like their enjoying their food to the fullest. South-American music lets my ears and mind wander and I’m already planning to come back for a sunday breakfast. That’s one of the things Mikkels is known for. With the premises being as small as they are, breakfast Sunday is being served on several cake stands from 10 AM through 3 PM. And those who want to enjoy Mikkels’ food on their party or elsewhere: there’s even a catering service you can book!

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