Lühmanns Teestube When too perfect, lieber Gott böse

Wednesday, July 12 2023

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Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00am - 7:00pm


Lühmanns Teestube
Blankeneser Landstraße 29
22587 Hamburg-Blankenese
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040 863442

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If you are looking for a cosy café in Blankenese with a beautiful ambience, good cakes, fresh breakfasts, good scones, warm service and a decadent brunch, this is the place for you! Lühmanns Teestube is a cosy place to take a short holiday in the Cotswolds atmosphere. You feel transported back to England at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lühmanns is a gem, a café, a tea house furnished with loving care and attention to detail. Style: vintage elements and a touch of modernity. Framed woodcuts on the walls, black and white photographs, an oil painting here and there. The furniture is made of dark wood and patinated upholstery. On the tables vases with blooming flowers sticking out of them. The conservatory where we are seated offers a view of the small, green terrace where you can make yourself comfortable on warm days. Relaxed soul music is playing from the speakers.

Every piece of furniture, every picture on the walls is unique. Above this concept, the matching slogan is emblazoned on a sign at the cake counter: "When too perfect, lieber Gott böse (angry) ". This has a relaxing effect; as a guest, you can feel instantly and wholly at ease in this perfect-imperfect fluidity.

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The Lühmanns has existed in form and quality for several decades and remains true to itself. For 28 years, the Lühmann couple ran their tea room in Blankenes.

Until the couple retired in 2017 and handed the Lühmanns over to Maude Barg. Since then, she has run the café in the spirit of the former owners.

Maude Barg's credo for the traditional café: "Lühmanns is an institution that doesn't need to be reinvented". We think that's a good decision.

For Maud Barg, taking over the tea room marked the beginning of a new phase in her life: before entering the restaurant business, she worked successfully as an architect. In Vienna, she worked for star architect Jean Nouvel, among others. Born in Rendsburg, she moved to Vienna after several relocations and her studies in Aachen. The 10 years in Vienna were followed by another move from the Austrian metropolis back to her northern German homeland in 2015. Once there, she first worked as an architect for two more years.

During this time, she enjoyed frequent visits to Lühman's tea room. She was immediately interested when she learned that a successor was being sought for the parlour. After years of working as an architect, she spent more time in front of a computer screen than she would have liked. She missed the people, the togetherness.

So she dared to step into a new professional life and now runs the shop with her colleagues. Since then, the restaurant has continued to grow organically. The menu is also being carefully expanded, changed and adapted. It includes various tea specialities, coffees, scones, soups, salads, some red and white wines and, of course, the breakfast variations. In addition, the café offers some warm dishes, such as jacket potatoes with cottage cheese or spaghetti with Mediterranean vegetables. And not to forget the homemade cakes.

Almost all the dishes on offer are vegetarian or vegan. This was the far-sighted attitude of the Lühmann couple, and it is also the attitude of Maude Barg. In addition, the products are preferably of organic quality and homemade, such as the jams or the house dressing for the salad.

During our visit, we enjoy a spicy chai with oat milk, a fragrant porridge and a French breakfast. And of course a warm fluffy scone cheddar with apples, cinnamon and some homemade strawberry jam. Yummy. Finally, a decidedly balanced-tasting cappuccino. Maud Barg gets the coffee from Mare Kaffee. Coffee that, in addition to its quality, is characterised by direct trade with Kenyan coffee farmers and the promotion of the local infrastructure.

We are glad to have spent our morning at Lühmanns and leave the tea room of our trust relaxed and well-fed. See you soon in Blankenese.

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