Instinct Coffee Breakfast and eclectic design

Tuesday, April 09 2024

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Tuesday to Sunday 9-18


Instinct Coffee
Rentzelstraße 48
20146 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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The way the sunlight falls through the high windows here is magical. And how it then catches in the crystals of the two lavish chandeliers. They are certainly the first thing that catches your eye - but there is also the large green porcelain cactus. And anyway, Instinct Coffee in the University Quarter is not stingy with its external charms.

The eclectic interior of industrial meets bohemia meets mid-century certainly knows how to fascinate us. But it can also impress with other values. Brunch all day long, for example.

Here in Rentzelstraße, Hanna and Derya have created a gem of a cosy retreat. Of course, this includes delicious coffee specialities from experienced baristas, an appetising menu that offers savoury breakfast specialities and sandwiches, and delicious baked goods from the display case.

We are confident that the "Instinct Special", a combination of espresso and coconut water that seems unconventional at first glance, must have been created after a long night and is guaranteed to help you overcome any initial teething troubles. The same applies to fresh juices such as "Basic B*" with apple, celery, ginger, lemon and mint.

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After a long night, the Turkish Egg Delight with natural yoghurt, onions, sumac, dill, and homemade chilli crunch is also perfect. Or you can enjoy a timeless and very well-prepared classic, such as organic scrambled eggs with avocado on delicious sourdough bread. Incidentally, all dishes are also available in vegetarian or vegan versions.

And who says a breakfast doesn't need dessert? That's why we try the fluffy pancakes with mascarpone and maple syrup or a slice of cake from the display case, whose creamy frosting particularly appeals to us. Of course, a flat white goes wonderfully with it.

Lovers of filter coffee will be just as happy here, however, as a Moccamaster brews the Elbgold Speciality Coffee in a tasty way and gives this method of preparation, which was ridiculed by Third Wave Coffee enthusiasts, a welcome comeback. And so, once again, you sit back on the bench right by the window and look out at the cloud formation - isn't that a bit of blue sky just appearing?

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Instinct Coffee – Breakfast and eclectic design
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