Eight Corners Café A gem on the edge of the city

Wednesday, May 31 2023

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday: noon - 7:00pm

Friday to Sunday: 2:00pm - 9:00pm


Eight Corners Café
Jütlandring 12
22419 Hamburg-Hamburg-Nord
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+49 171 436 21 34

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In Hamburg Langenhorn, a new city district has been built on an 80-hectare site that was once home to the psychiatric women's clinic of the Ochsenzoll hospital.

In this special place, old listed hospital buildings complement chic new buildings. The facilities are surrounded by quiet, spacious park-like grounds. A beautiful aged tree population generously provides oxygen, peace and shade.

In the midst of this idyll on the outskirts of Hamburg stands an octagonal building, a former porter's lodge. When the part of the hospital on which the octagon stands was still in use, gatekeepers kept watch here over who entered and left the grounds of the Ochsenzoll Clinic.

Today, the stone octagon is home to Café Eight Corners. And Claudia, the operator of this gem, lovingly watches over the guests' well-being. Open, present and friendly, she is there for her customers.

With her café, she has created a place where people from the most diverse backgrounds can meet and get to know each other. So it's hardly surprising that the neighbourhood likes to come in here frequently and is happy to share the space and the food with people passing by or cycling.

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She gets the coffee for her shop from the Heimbs roasting company in Braunschweig. A good choice, well roasted. In addition, you can enjoy home-baked cakes as well as little homemade treats for lunch such as quiche, soup, chilli or bung cheese.

This is a spicy fresh cheese speciality that initially comes from northern Rheinhessen. Claudia gets it from her winemaker, who also supplies the small and fine selection of wines and sparkling wines at Eight Corners.

The interior design of the restaurant is very well done. High windows let a lot of light into the café. Small bistro tables and benches screwed into the walls are the right choice to avoid cluttering up the rather small dining room.

Claudia chose classics from Tolix as bar stools and stools in front of the counter. Simple, practical and beautiful. On the tables, small flower vases and candles create an atmosphere. Industrial lamps hang from the supporting steel girder construction and provide pleasant lighting in the evening hours. The view from the café falls on the sky and the surrounding trees.

It's easy to feel welcome and comfortable here right away. At Eight Corners, you can spend a relaxing time over coffee, lunch, a drink or a snack. Whether in the beautiful, airy dining room or on the terrace under the shady trees.

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Eight Corners Café – A gem on the edge of the city
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