Tide Fine for the Palate, Coarse for the Eye

Saturday, April 12 2014


Rothestrasse 53
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen
.How to get there


+49 40 411 114 99

A little bit like cheese-and-jam sandwiches, or sequin skirts and coarse knit tops – awkward at first sight, but if you take a closer look, they make a perfect match. Now that's closest to what I was thinking when I first entered Tide in Ottensen, a store that sells gourmet specialties and unique driftwood accessories. A very crass contrast, one might think. But I realized quickly how, in their very essence, they're very similar: they both need time, experience and just a little bit of luck to become a well-rounded whole.

A small selection of exquisite teas, prizewinning canola oil, risotto mixtures, as well as several kinds of goat cheese, homemade jams and pestos are presented next to wooden creations, from little saltwater-polished cutting boards to 3 meter long stranded slabs. „They tell their own story“, says owner Frank Walbeck, „I'm especially intrigued by pieces that have an industrial or constructive background, like bridges and windows. But they're hard to come across. You'll need a lot of time, and a good eye.“ However, it does seem as if the long quest pays off. More and more people come here to find a unique piece of driftwood to adorn their home.

A few more delicacies are beautifully arranged in a small display: freshly baked cake, tartes, panini sandwiches and the somewhat legendary Tide-pesto, handmade daily on site and served with homemade pasta. Everything, including their carefully brewed coffee, can be savored at one of the small tables in-store, among beautiful mediterranean tiles, or outside.

Interior architect Frank Walbeck has realized one of his biggest dreams, to combine his big passion for driftwood with gourmet specialties. And he really did well!

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Tide – Fine for the Palate, Coarse for the Eye
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