La Caffètteria Eppendorf’s Gem

Saturday, February 08 2014

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Monday till Friday 10.00-23.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-19.00


la caffetteria
Abendrothsweg 54
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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+49 40 46 777 533

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At this very café, I’ve fallen in love, broken up, made up, I’ve had business meetings and lunch here, forgot about time with my girl friends, watched the soccer World Cup 2006 matches and even took my parents out for dinner. I’ve sat here writing articles, reading the paper, spent hours staring out the window and texting friends. I know their salads, love their pasta and practically never leave without having a glass of fresh mint tea.

La Caffèteria is the kind of place you can always go to, and everyone I’ve brought along so far felt the same way. Abendrothsweg is one of Hamburg’s nicest residential streets, where beautiful turn-of-the-century buildings stand close to one another, and right there in the middle: la caffèteria with its floor-to-ceiling window storefront. It’s the kind of place that makes you enjoy peaking inside just as much as staring out while sipping on creamy latte macchiato.

After successfully graduating from architecture school, you usually start your career by working several jobs, moving from one architectural office to the next one. Angela La Cognata decided against that when she stumbled upon that empty little store in Eppendorf. Right after finishing her degree, she went after a long-lived dream of hers and opened up her own café. Her studies paid off: half-Italian La Cognata put together a timeless, tasteful and unpretentious interior.


A generously sized open room that seats up to 65 guests, round white columns, red benches and wooden tables. Breakfast is available all day long - the Champagne Breakfast is my favorite, including salmon, shrimps, cheese and croissants. For lunch, you can choose from pasta, soup or quiche, as well as seasonal dishes of the month and tarte flambée. Everything is fresh and homemade.

The big patio is a special highlight on warmer days. Whenever I sit here looking into the sun, admiring these beautiful residential buildings around me and having a fresh cheesecake I´m very sure my day couldn`t be better.

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