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Tuesday, February 22 2022

Opening Times

Monday 8.30-16.30
Thursday + Friday 8.30-16.30
Saturday + Sunday 9.30-16.30


ujote espresso
Bismarckstraße 88
20253 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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Café Ujote is located in Hamburg's Generalsviertel district, more precisely at Bismarckstraße 88. If you are looking for excellent, rich coffee, you should stop here. At the coffee machine in the Ujote, we meet Uje, for whom making coffee is a passion and a science.

Originally from Friesland, Uje studied history, politics and philosophy in Berlin, worked as a historian at the German Historical Museum and had a part-time job as a barista at Passenger Coffee in Berlin Kreuzberg. There he learned everything about espresso, its roasting and preparation from Garth and Jan, the makers of Passenger Coffee.

Consequently, the Greenbean Blend espresso that Uje sends through the grinder and portafilter machine at Ujote comes, of course, from Passenger Coffee's Berlin roastery. The Passenger Espresso is characterised by its particularly mild and chocolaty-nutty aroma. Garth and Jan make a classic, straightforward espresso with roasts, which contain only Arabica beans, and are considered one of the best in Berlin.

Cafe Ujote Hamburg Eimsbuettel

In addition to making good espresso, Uje cultivates has a way with his guests which invites them to linger. Even if this stay only lasts a length of a well-made espresso or café latte, there is always time for a chat with Uje. A conversation characterised by openness, friendliness and interest. Besides the excellent coffee, it is the warm hospitality that makes people queue patiently outside Café Ujote.

People are happy to wait for a good coffee without frills and an exchange with a barista who loves his craft, café and customers. You can sense that Henny and Uje wanted to create a place where it's about meeting and taking time in addition to good espresso. Mission accomplished, we would say.

Some days of the week you can also meet Henny in the café. Henny, who thought up Ujote together with Uje, found it, renovated it, restored the furniture, furnished it and opened it in April 2021, and is responsible, among other things, for the delicious cakes that are sold in the shop. She works as a high school teacher and is practically in her second job to keep the espresso bar running.

Before we end, in addition to the distinctly French-tasting croissants and the beautiful flower arrangements, we would like to praise the tasteful and appropriate music selection that comes to one's ears at Ujote. Relaxed hip hop, downbeat, electro, in short: everything that goes with a good cup of espresso and a stimulating, casual conversation in the Ujote.

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Espressobar Ujote – Auckland – Kreuzberg – Eimsbüttel – The long road of good coffee
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