VellGoods Eiskrem Who still needs milk ice cream?

Wednesday, April 27 2022

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Tuesday to Sunday: noon - 8:00pm


VellGoods Eiskrem
Eckertstr. 1
10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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+49 30 42 80 60 80

The small ice cream shop is somewhat hidden on Eckertstraße in Berlin Friedrichshain, just around Bersarinplatz. A small, hand-painted sign directs us to the side street, an understatement for the vegan ice cream discovery that awaits us here at VellGoods Eiskrem.

The story begins with a career change: Ruben Vellguth, originally the founder of an IT company, knew already as a child that he wanted to do something in the food sector later on. The interest in cooking and food and the desire for new things run in the family. That's why he sold his company shares after four years to get into culinary arts. First as a barista at Coffee Circle and in 2020 he switched to Domberger Bakery.

There he also met his current Head of Production, Nikolai Verhoeven, who conceives the original ice cream creations. During this time, Ruben organises food pop-ups and experiments with different ideas. He has to choose between pizza, beer and ice cream - his choice is known.

But it should not be just any ice cream. After Ruben changes his diet, he also decides to keep his products completely vegan. The twist here is that instead of using milk substitutes like oat or almond milk, Ruben and Nikolai use the natural fat content of each main ingredient in their recipes, resulting in pure, honest and incomparably creamy vegan ice cream. "Fat, liquid and solids - as long as you calculate the parameters correctly, the ice cream doesn't care if there's milk in it or not," says Ruben.

VellGoods_Chocolate Chip Cookies

The result speaks for itself. At VellGoods Eiskrem, you get a vegan ice cream that is neither too sweet nor needs flavour enhancers and, at the same time, can stand up to any milk ice cream in its creaminess. For example, the delicious pistachio ice cream has a pistachio content of 20%, significantly more than pistachio milk ice cream contains. This makes up for a highly intense flavour.

The prerequisites are basic ingredients with a fat content: cocoa butter, nuts, and fruits such as coconut or bananas. But there are also sorbets, or sherbet, a sorbet in the North American tradition, with a minimal fat content of 2-3%, which gives the palate a little more substance. Even sherbet fans are won over by these because of the recipe, in combination with the ice cream machine from Kälte-Rudi which not only stirs and freezes but also kneads. As a result, even the fat-free sherbet is creamy and not full of ice crystals, as is often the case with conventional sherbet.

We try our way through the menu: chocolate fudge brownie, pistachio, strawberry sorbet and more unusual varieties like pumpkin seed, banana cinnamon, coconut-mango sticky rice or even curry. Nikolai has a free hand with the designs, drawing inspiration from various places, like eating a pumpkin seed pretzel or dessert experiences in Thailand.

All the flavours we had the chance to try at VellGoods are unique in their own way. In keeping with the vegan concept, the ingredients are also fairly and organically produced. For example, Choba Choba is a fair chocolate brand where the farmers gradually take over the plantation with their own shares, or organic strawberries from Mainfrucht, frozen or as a puree.  

If you want something to take home, the ice cream at VellGoods is also available in 500ml transport cups. In addition, there are cookies, brownies and breakfast creams, all without preservatives, which also delight us in taste and consistency. VellGoods will see us again because the dairy-free concept has truly conquered our hearts.

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VellGoods Eiskrem – Who still needs milk ice cream?
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