Die Eismacher Berlin The Best of Creative Ice Cream in Kreuzberg

Tuesday, June 24 2014

Opening Times

daily 14.00-18.00 (or longer!)


Die Eismacher Berlin
Blücherstraße 37
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
.How to get there


+49 30 236 242 22

other store:
Körthestraße 10
10961 Berlin

It was a reader's tip to look for this very unsuspicious little shop on Blücherstraße at Südstern. I figured I could go and take a look, maybe taste a few samples to get an idea of the quality of their ice cream. But when I got there, resistance was futile. These mouth-watering concoctions by librarian Miriam Jauer and industrial engineer Ronny Wrase, the two geniuses behind 'Die Eismacher Berlin', were simply too good.

They have been whipping up creamy dairy ice cream and fresh fruit sorbets since 2010 and have built up a reputation well beyond the borders of Berlin. Their own love of ice cream led them to making their own ice cream, too, and they've been putting the utmost love and creativity into their daily work at the ice cream maker ever since. This is how exotic-sounding flavors otherwise unknown to Berliners such as Filipino yam root 'Ube' or Thai herbal leaf 'Pandan' come along.

The look into their display leads to pure desperation. Everything sounds fantastic: 'prickly pear-ginger' or 'apple-chamomille', 'pear-ginger' or 'yellow plum-semolina'. They compete with classics such as strawberry and vanilla and make any decision impossible. A taste of this and a tiny spoon of that. Swoon! I end up leaving ice cream heaven with two scoops of 'dark Valrhona chocolate' and pistachio-green 'Ube'.

Die Eismacher-Berlin-Suedstern-Kreuzberg-1
Die Eismacher-Berlin-Suedstern-Kreuzberg-5
Die Eismacher-Berlin-Suedstern-Kreuzberg-3

I was relieved that they were out of one of their bestselling flavors, 'layered nougat', and felt safe. And while I was cluelessly strolling along indulging in my cone, I walked straight into the open arms of their branch on Köthestraße. Newly opened, you can clearly see that they've invested more into making something of this interior. Clean, Scandinavian chic. Unfortunately, I discovered even more breathtaking flavors and could not resist taking another scoop of peanut ice cream with pieces of peanuts, caramel and chocolate. And believe me, every spoonful is worth the sin, and it was then and there that I declared this my temporary favorite. It was amazing!

As I found out the following weekend, you can buy 'Die Eismacher Berlin's ice cream prepackaged at Süßkramdealer in Friedenau and Doçura on Zossener Straße in Kreuzberg. How conventional that Süßkramdealer is just a quick 15 minute walk away from my doorstep...

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