Duo Sicilian Ice Cream Real Sicilian gelato in Kreuzberg

Wednesday, May 18 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 12-19


Duo Sicilian Ice Cream
Skalitzer Straße 82
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
.How to get there


+49 157 795 270 20

There are these places where there is always a queue. And in most cases, you lose your appetite for what's on offer. But it's different at Duo Sicilian Ice Cream. Why? They serve ice cream just like in Sicily: homemade gelati, cannoli, granita and ice cream burgers. Yes, that's right: ice cream burgers like they have in Sicily. All are freshly made from the best ingredients. 

Creamy gelato is not served in a wafer - although at Duo Sicilian Ice Cream, these are also freshly baked in an airy brioche. Heavenly! Just like all the homemade ice creams. Whether classics like pistachio, stracciatella and vanilla, vegan versions with strawberries and dark chocolate or more unusual creations like avocado and "Etna", almond ice cream with pistachio cream and Etna ash.

Only milk and cream from the region are used. The vegan sorbets are made with water, sugar and fresh fruit. The granita siciliana, a kind of coarse sorbet that we have only discovered here in Berlin so far, is also particularly recommendable. Authentic Italian craftsmanship is practised here with passion - so you're happy to wait a little longer.

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Duo Sicilian Ice Cream – Real Sicilian gelato in Kreuzberg
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