Caffè e Gelato The pretty much biggest ice cream bowls in town

Thursday, August 15 2013

Opening Times

Montday till Thursday 10.00-22.30
Friday 10.00-23.00
Saturday 10.00-24.00
Sunday 10.30-22.00


Potsdamer Platz – Arkaden Center
Alte Potsdamer Straße 7
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten
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The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden are a place I usually avoid like the plague. So the fact that I highly recommend the ice cream at Caffè e Gelato is a serious sign for good quality and an urge for you to try it.

Ever since the grand opening of the mall, the ice cream parlour has been residing on the first floor and has become a tourist haven throughout the course of time. Wrongfully so! Because even though the atmosphere is anything but inviting, their ice cream still outshines many other Italian places. Creamy as can be. Flavorful. And an array as rich as nowhere else in the city.

There's sugar- and lactose free types, and even some with organic ingredients. My personal favorites are mouth-watering creations like yoghurt-walnut-fig, real Bronte pistachio and a little thing called Paradiso, a flavorful mascarpone ice cream with acacia honey and almond brittle. It's what I imagine heaven would taste like!

The homemade cones are fresh and crunchy. And should you feel like it, you might as well decide to go for frozen pâtisserie, basically ice cream-snacks, coming up with names like Carezza, Dolcezza or simply Tiramisù. The staff behind the counter is actually Italian and are at your service with a big smile and a good flirt at all times.

And well, then there are the ice cream bowls! I still remember how paralysed I felt when I first walked through the aisle passing the seated guests admiring these tremendous pieces of art made of ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit along with any sauce or topping imaginable. Truly gigantic! Adding to that, they didn't only look impressive but were a downright visual pleasure. So go, fade out the interior and the public and give it a try!

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Caffè e Gelato – The pretty much biggest ice cream bowls in town
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