Latodolce Miniature Patisserie in Graefekiez

Saturday, May 07 2016

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm


Latodolce – Pasticceria Italiana Berlin
Graefestraße 11
10967 Berlin
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+49 173 593 75 73

In a past life, Natalia Giordano was a HR manager and conducted countless job interviews for large Italian companies. Today the 43-year-old is the proud owner of the patisserie Lato Dolce in Kreuzberg. She came to Berlin ten years ago for the first time because of her love for an Italian artist; four years ago she settled here. In the years between the mother of a five-year-old daughter realised her dream – the dream of her own confectionary, a confectionary that should be just a little different from what Berlin already has to offer.

None other than Massimo Bottura, world-renowned chef and her husband’s friend, recommended Espai Sucre in Barcelona. She spent a year there and took a number of courses at the well-respected school CAST Alimenti in Brescia. Back in Berlin she realised that you need a German master craftsman’s diploma to open a confectionary. Despite all of her knowledge, she could only get permission for the production of petit fours. By necessity Natalia Giordana created an opportunity – today she offers enchanting miniature delicacies.

Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Pastete
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Windbeutel
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Tarte
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Creme
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Petit Four
Latodolce Berlin Kreuzberg Semifredo
Latodolce Berlin Kreuzberg Patisserie und Semifredo
Latodolce Berlin Kreuzberg Patisserie und Semifredo
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Baiser
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Fondant
Latodolce Patisserie Berlin Kreuzberg Gelee

A year ago she opened her small shop where she creates tiny baked goods, devilish little cakes, and as of recent, decadent semifreddo. Caterings are prepared, workshops held, customers come and go. "There’s always something going on," she beams and it’s obvious that she loves what she does.

Because her customers also love what she does, co-worker Roberto works diligently packing up delicate petit fours, fresh brioche, and croissants, as well as tartlets, traditional Italian biscuits, and classic sweets in white bags. Vegan, gluten-free, and even salty products are offered at Lato Dolce. A new addition to the shop are the lunch boxes that Natalia Giordano puts together individually for companies and events, filling them with tramezzino and her magical sweets. Absolutely heavenly!

Latodolce – Miniature Patisserie in Graefekiez
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