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Tuesday, March 22 2022

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Katchi Ice Cream
Grolmanstraße 14a
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Oranienburger Str. 89

Guacamole ice cream? Sounds, well... Interesting perhaps is the better word. The creative Nacho Libre ice cream, which the Katchi Ice Cream team came up with for the Berlin Ice Cream Week, certainly appealed to us: avocado sorbet, spicy tomato salsa and salty nachos. Sounds delicious, but as ice cream? You know how it is, sometimes you just don't manage to do everything you set out to do...

Bummer. But since then, we had Katchi Ice Cream not far from Savignyplatz on our radar. And later, finally, in the waffle. We were definitely not disappointed because genuinely magical things happen at the on-site ice cream manufactory, the Katchi Ice Cream Lab. The ice cream made here is definitely not off-the-shelf!

The regularly changing ice cream flavours go by such tempting names as Mozart (pistachio ice cream with nougat ice cream, marzipan and nougat sauce), Willy Wonka (chocolate sorbet with brownie pieces and peanut butter) or Sticky Coco (coconut sorbet with sticky rice, raspberry and mango coulis). By the way, the varieties mentioned are, hard to believe, all vegan. The list of vegan ice creams at Katchi Ice Cream is longer than the list of milk ice creams - each one creamy and tempting.

Katchi Ice Cream Berlin Nacho Libre
Katchi Eis
Katchi Eis (1)
Katchi Ice Cream Berlin Eiskaffee
Katchi Ice Cream Berlin Willy Wonka Chocolate Bomb
Katchi Ice Cream Berlin Sticky Rice mit Kokosnuss, Raspberry Coulis und Mango Ragout
Katchi Ice Cream Berlin Moscow Mule Sorbet mit Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger Absolut Vodka Gurke

Of course, you'll also find beloved classics like dark chocolate or vanilla with vanilla beans from Madagascar and La Réunion, pistachio with nuts from Italy. Those who prefer a sorbet will find unusual creations such as lemon cucumber, pear basil or pomegranate rosemary.

As it befits a good ice cream parlour, the ice cream is not only delicious on its own. It unfolds its great flavours in fantastic milkshakes (coconut-mango is a dream!) as well as in thick sundaes or on bubble waffles with lots of cream and chocolate or colourful sprinkles. The best place to enjoy them is in front of the shop's pretty off-white 50s tiles. 

A nice little playground next door makes Katchi Ice Cream is an excellent destination for kids, not just because of the fine refreshments. Not only those will be happy here: more adult ice cream varieties such as Pink Aperol with grapefruit, Gin Tonic or Moscow Mule with Thomas Henry and Absolut Vodka also taste good as an ice-cold aperitif, so to speak - or as a nightcap on a balmy spring evening. Who knows, maybe Nacho Libre will be back. We strongly suspect that it was delicious.

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