To drink in the kitchen? Yes, for sure! The Kreuzberger Küche Bar

Wednesday, November 02 2022

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Wednesday to Saturday: 6:00pm - midnight


Küche Bar
Tempelhofer Ufer 16
10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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+49 30 23542926

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"The little I eat, I can also drink," noted cabaret artist Richard Rogler. And consequently, we can confidently venture to the Kitchen Bar for a decent drink. Nina Zilvar is the head chef here and welcomes her guests in a lovingly arranged ambience.

Instead of the usual counter as a barrier between bartender and guests, the team mixes at a kitchen block. Instead of a cocktail lounge, chat and drink happen at the wood-scoured tables that could just as easily be in a country house parlour. The lovely rooms are decorated with bright tiles, nostalgic kitchen utensils, vintage cookers and corresponding cupboards. Inside are bar utensils, cocktail books and many a liquor rarity.

A loyal and congenial crowd of regulars provides the pinch of cosiness you would expect at a tried-and-tested kitchen party. The location at the Möckernbrücke underground station in Kreuzberg is undoubtedly not a promenade, so the number of random guests is low, and the atmosphere is familiar.


Why this unusual concept? Nina explains: "It doesn't matter whether it's a flat-sharing or house party, a house-warming party or a birthday. The actual party always takes place in the kitchen. The kitchen is the centre of every social evening. The centre of private get-togethers."

Fortunately, there's nothing kitschy about the atmosphere. We are in a real cocktail bar with exquisite drinks. Even the menu borrows tongue-in-cheek from the "cuisine" concept. Under "Amuse-Gueules", we find mini-drinks to get us started, like a cornichon in bourbon or Finnish salmiac liqueur with liquorice snail.

Under "Cocktails Kitchen Style", things get serious and delicious. The "Pear in Gin" tastes great. Gin, Williams pear brandy, pear mustard and thyme come together. A small food pairing is always served with the drinks, and a goat's cheese flambéed with honey and slivered almonds complement the place setting. In the "Sicilian Sour", the liquid combination of Averna, lemon, sugar and fresh mint meets a date wrapped in bacon. If you're feeling a little more peckish, fall back on the sandwiches and snacks.

It goes without saying that the tried and tested classics around the Manhattan and Martini cocktail are prepared just as confidently as the own creations. The celebrations for the fifth anniversary are currently accompanied by the new autumn/winter menu. Here, drinks such as the "Winter Daiquiri" with two types of rum, red wine syrup and lemon are tempting. Or an exciting long drink interpretation of the Cosmopolitan: "The other Cosmo" seduces with vodka, raspberry brandy, homemade rosehip syrup and soda water.

The prices for the cocktails are around 13 euros, and the amuse drinks start at 3.50. Sandwiches are available at 11 euros. There is a carefully separated room for smokers.

Die Küche is an extraordinary bar in the capital. Cosy, warm, delicious - a good mix! And as the French master chef Auguste Escoffier once said: "A good kitchen is the foundation of all happiness.

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To drink in the kitchen? Yes, for sure! – The Kreuzberger Küche Bar
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