Victoria Bar The Return of a Classic

Wednesday, October 25 2023

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Daily from 6pm


Victoria Bar
Potsdamer Straße 102
10785 Berlin-Schöneberg
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+49 30 257 599 77

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For Berlin's seasoned bar-goers, the news came as a shock last December: a fire had destroyed the Victoria Bar on Potsdamer Straße. Concerns about the bar's continued existence and the preservation of the outstanding bar team did the rounds. But then came the good news: it was to go on.

Talks with the insurance company and the landlord developed positively, and the materials and appearance of the premises could be adapted to the beautiful original design of Hidden Fortress. When the doors reopened a few days ago, loyal, longing regulars rushed in and were amazed. It was as if there had never been a break. "Everything is as it always was!" the guests marvelled, and some discreetly wiped a tear from the corner of their eye.

Indeed, the familiar design with the murals and wooden panels is back, and even the green shade of the leather seats seems identical. Good, the art furnishings were irretrievably lost and therefore new. A new brand of champagne adorns the menu, but its design also features that classic format in the red binding that guests have been used to since the opening in 2001.

Victoria Bar Berlin-5
Victoria Bar Berlin-2
Victoria Bar Berlin-6

The charming team around Beate Hindermann and Stefan Weber has also succeeded in staying together, and one found oneself warmly welcomed and excellently mixed by the proven and long-lost Victoria crew. And so it stands: the Victoria Bar remains what it has always been: a grown-up place for sophisticated night owls and outstanding drinks.

The cocktails are classically influenced. The best ingredients and careful preparation. Without mixological frills à la rotary evaporator, smoker and sous vide drinks. Here, we drink Guyana Manhattan, Prince of Wales and Brandy Crusta. And if you're in a daring mood, you can enjoy a Hilde's deck with vodka and champagne.

Then it's time to enjoy the eternally long bar, remarkable art objects along the walls, formidable company and brilliant hospitality. Plus solid food and - if we're lucky - the cheerful educational event series "School of Drunkenness" again in winter.

The icon is back. The Victoria Bar shaped Berlin's bar culture over the last 25 years like no other bar in the city. Now we are looking forward to the next 25.

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Victoria Bar – The Return of a Classic
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