Between salon and saloon Stagger Lee Bar

Tuesday, August 09 2022

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Daily from 7:00pm


Stagger Lee

Nollendorfstraße 27
10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
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+49 30 29036158

We set off on a journey back in time to the 19th century in St. Louis, Missouri: carriage driver and occasional thug Stagger Lee Shelton shot his buddy Billy Lyons in the back on Christmas Eve 1895 after they had a falling out over politics. The murderer then died in Jefferson City jail in 1912. Since then, the tragic story has shaped musical genres from blues to rock, Louis Armstrong to Nick Cave.

The beautiful Stagger Lee Bar in Schöneberg, not far from Nollendorfplatz, has been taking you on an atmospheric and historical journey since 2009. Every detail of the décor has been carefully chosen and staged. Elegant red wallpaper and heavy Chesterfield leather furniture under subdued lighting allow visitors to spontaneously immerse themselves in the urban saloon culture of the USA in the century before last and experience an exceptional setting for their drinks.

And the cocktails taste great. The menu is constantly varied, but since the opening of the Stagger Lee Bar, the team also likes to look to North America regarding spirits and proves a good hand with whiskey, rye, mezcal and tequila. The "Stagger Lee Beer Old Fashioned" with bourbon and homemade dark beer syrup made from Eichhofen beer is a must.

Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg (2)
Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg
Drink Continental Sour Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg
Drink Hound Dog Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg
Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg (1)
Drink Taking the Girls to Town Stagger Lee Bar Berlin Schoeneberg

Also delightful is the cocktail dedicated to the painter Frida Kahlo, a magnificent blend of Amontillado sherry, lime juice, homemade hibiscus-infused tequila and vanilla syrup. And those who want or need to drink non-alcoholic are also in for an excellent selection of cocktails, like the aromatic "Half Naked" with its subtle spiciness of ginger lemonade, lime and jalapeno syrup.

Especially in summer, the colourful and playful tiki style comes into the cups - rum and fruit flavours accompany the relaxed stay on the bar's outdoor seats. But it's simply nicest inside when sitting at the old wooden bar with a view of the carefully selected bottles and the skilful hands of the bartenders. For smokers, there is another separate lounge at the back (no cigars).

At the end of the evening, another meaning of the bar's name can be experienced or observed. The verb "to stagger" describes a form of movement that is not uncommon in the vicinity of an established bar.

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