Galander Fine Drinks à l’Art Nouveau

Sunday, December 22 2013

Opening Times

Thursday till Sunday 18.00-2.00


Stuttgarter Platz 15
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Großbeerenstraße 54
10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg


+49 30 36 46 53 63

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I discovered Galander a few weeks ago during my first visit at Brasserie Lamazère. And since we were planning on having dinner at Lamazère again soon, we decided to have an aperitif at this beautiful little bar nearby.

The former red light nightclub has been there for just a few months but you get an authentic art nouveau feeling as soon as you go in. Decorated with original Lincrusta wallpapers, a cloth covered fan and chandeliers on the ceiling. Stucco, heavy drapes and wood paneling. You can see the effort and money that went into the project.

And in the center of it all is the bar itself - a beautiful replica of an old piece. With a giant mirror in the middle and two bull’s eyes covered with green glass it’s the perfect stage for all the spirits and licquors that bar chef Caroline Schlicher uses to mix her outstanding drinks. She makes little fuss about her drinks even though they’re worth a lot more attention.

My Pisco Sour for example was extraordinary and my friend’s Continental Sour is so good, he ordered a second one right away. Along with the drinks came a big water jug and a bowl of roasted corn - our hungry stomaches thanked us.


The only drop of bitterness is the fact that smoking is allowed inside. But one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and so the bar’s own humidor attracts the occasional cigar afficionado as well.

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Galander – Fine Drinks à l’Art Nouveau
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