Galander Fine Drinks à l’Art Nouveau

Sunday, December 22 2013

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Monday to Sunday: 6:00pm - 1:00am


Stuttgarter Platz 15
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Großbeerenstraße 54
10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg


+49 30 36 46 53 63

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A lot has changed at Stuttgarter Platz, which Charlottenburgers like to call "Stutti". Only a few years ago, table dance bars and other questionable establishments dominated the cityscape, and cheap import-export shops sold a rather mediocre range of goods.

Today, the square's western side is an excellent culinary address, from classics like Lentz to Italian finesse at Da Pino and Sicilian specialities at Focaccino. And the great Brasserie Lamazère, in particular, delights the palate and always puts a smile on the lips of its many regulars.

As a pioneer of change at Stutti, the charming Galander Bar marked the beginning almost a decade ago. Designed by an interior designer with a wealth of experience in designing film sets, guests have been immersed in the detailed atmosphere of a glamorous 1920s salon since 2013. Opulent chandeliers, wooden panelling along the walls and a seductive shade of red in the elegant wallpaper characterise the aura of the place, which was once a brothel itself.


"Mon Chérie" was the name of its erotic predecessor with its famous party jacuzzi, which is still commemorated by the mural opposite the bar counter. As a small reminder of those days, modern, discreet erotic pictures currently adorn the walls as an art exhibition.

Dominik Galander, today's cocktail bar operator, smiles when he thinks about the elaborate renovation to turn a former red-light address into a high-quality cocktail bar. The conclusion must be: very successful!

The wonderful atmosphere is complemented by excellent and creative cocktail creations. The team around bar manager Dennis Kappelsberger has mastered the classics around Manhattan and Gimlet, but also likes to surprise with its own creations and smart ideas.

The bar manager reveals: "We try to provide our guests with unique bar experiences through frequently changing menus and the changing exhibitions. In doing so, we allude to the house's past through erotic art, and our signature drinks are mostly based on popular classics from the 1920s. Short drinks are thus at the forefront of the drinks. However, a big part in creating the menu is also played by unusual ingredients, such as various beer styles or ingredients not usually found in drinks."

The friendly team is dedicated to advising guests individually, so all it takes is a few comments about their own likes and dislikes and a tailor-made drink will quickly arrive at the table. A drink costs around 13 euros, and long drinks start at nine euros, depending on the combination. The bar's back buffet has an impressive selection of spirits and leaves nothing to be desired - diverse rums, elegant whiskies and various gins.

The bar team is currently working extensively with beer as a cocktail ingredient. Be it perlage, bitter or hoppy fruit nuances, beer can also inspire cocktails. And so the guests like to be surprised by what Dennis and Co come up with. Even requests for non-alcoholic drinks are fulfilled with aplomb. But many a classic remains on the menu for longer. Bar manager Dennis explains: "Some drinks we and our guests can't and won't let go. Like the English Gimlet, a wonderfully balanced gimlet variant that gets a nice tart note from the Earl Grey infused gin."

Dennis Kappelsberger lives for the bar and is happy about new guests: "From the outside, we sometimes seem quite "posh", but this veil quickly lifts as soon as you take a seat at the bar or at one of the tables in the guest room for the first time and you notice that despite the opulent design of the bar, there is an absolute feel-good atmosphere." That's why it's advisable to make a reservation, especially at the weekend.

Confident drinks in a stylish atmosphere and competent service from a friendly team are reasons to visit the Galander Bar in Charlottenburg. However, please don't confuse it with the two Galander bars in Kreuzberg. There, too, we can expect an appealing drink concept in a relaxed atmosphere. Only each of the bars has its own concept and style.

And if you want to learn more about the place's past, you can devote yourself to the entertaining memoirs of the previous owner. In "Der König vom Stuttgarter Platz - Ein Ludenleben ohne Filter", Bernd "Holzi" Termer describes his adventures around the old Mon Chéri. By the way, his favourite drink in the Galander Bar was always a Mai Tai.

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