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Saturday, February 07 2015


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For seemingly half an eternity I have dreamed to learn Italian. But - well the list of "buts" is long: too little time, a toddler at home, and not the slightest interest to take boring school lessons. A small, fine language school, where you learn quickly and purposefully in a private atmosphere – that'd be it. What's missing is the babysitter. I thought, until I discovered Wordculture.

As I entered the premises of the school, I found myself in a large apartment: bright rooms, cozy atmosphere, and above all, the smell of fresh coffee in the kitchen. I felt right at home - nothing reminiscent of a school. And my positive impression was confirmed: at Wordculture learning is fun, not just because there's coffee and biscuits instead of a wagging finger. No.

Thanks to small groups - maximum of six people – fast progress is guaranteed (assuming you take part). I'm usually somewhat taciturn when it comes to speaking foreign languages, but here no one can hide. Everyone talks to everyone. So you quickly learn Italian (or German or Polish or Portuguese, the offer being large) with a diverse group of people.

Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Schreibtisch
Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Arbeitsplatz
Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Inhaberinnen
Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Kinder
Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Kindertisch
Wordculture Sprachschule Übersetzungen Zürich Osterhase

That's precisely how the three friends - and language teachers -Gosia Kubat, Susanne Mineve and Stefanie Bläser imagined it would be when they moved into the premises at Selnaustrasse two years ago. Thus, they have realized their common dream of an ideal language school hardly found elsewhere: small groups, highly qualified multilingual instructors, with intensive and individual attention to each student. This would appeal to young and old.

Incidentally, the range of courses is as heterogeneous as the student body. In addition to "normal" language courses for children and adults, student tuition courses, courses especially for seniors and tourists are offered. Before the last World Cup there was even a Portuguese course in which, among other things, the most important concepts from the football world were taught. One can immediately feel the passion and the joy of language at the center.

Of course Wordculture does not do away with vocabulary and grammar. However, the highly qualified teachers understand how to combine usage with elements of beauty. Here the kitchen comes back into play. Regularly there are language and cooking or baking courses, which are hugely popular. There is, for example, an Italian cooking class for adults (in Italian, naturally), and a German Grittibänzbackkurs for children from four years old. The students learn the appropriate vocabulary and the corresponding grammar in a relaxed atmosphere. Thus facilitating rapid learning of the new language.

And my little one? I simply take him with me. Because Wordculture offers language courses with professional childcare. One of my last excuses definitely in the past.

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